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Introduction from Brian Mahony, CEO Trender Research, Inc.
Welcome to Trender Research! Trender Research is a market research and consulting firm that covers the use of technology-based devices and services by everyday people. Trender Research is dedicated to capturing the voice of not just the technically adept, but demographic groups that are often overlooked by established market research firms and the developers of new gadgets and services--- read more...

Personal Technology News

Can New GoPro Cameras Make You a Vacation Hero?

GoPro, known for rugged little cameras used by surfers and snowboarders, has new models that might appeal to a more timid demographic.

GoPro's New Hero Cameras: More Power, Cheaper Starting Price

By Nathan Olivarez-Giles GoPro refreshed its Hero camera line on Monday with higher-end models that shoot higher-quality photos and video at faster frame rates, along with an entry-level camera that's far cheaper than any previous GoPro.You can read a full review of GoPro's new cameras from WSJ's Geoffrey A. Fowler, or just scope the technical details here: Hero: The big deal about the new baseline GoPro—yup, just called the Hero—is its $130 price tag. Aside from that, it's pretty much the same as what we've seen in GoPros from the year's past, priced at $200 or more. The Hero delivers 1080p video at 30 frames per second, or 720p video at 60fps. Still photos top out at 5 megapixels with a 5 frames-per-second burst mode. GoPro says the new model will offer 2.5 hours of recording time. Hero4 Silver: The $400 mid-range model's bragging right's over last year's Hero3 Silver are faster frame rates and new touch-screen controls on the back—a first for a GoPro camera. (Certain earlier GoPro models are compatible with the LCD Touch BacPac, an $80 add-on accessory, however.)The Hero4 Silver can shoot 1080p video up to 60fps and 720p video up to 120fps. It can even shoot 4K video, but only at 15fps. Still photos are 12 megapixels, with a 30fps burst mode option.GoPro didn't offer up a specific claim on battery life for the Hero4 Silver, but the company said that both the Silver and Black versions of the Hero4 will offer about the same battery life as the Hero3 Silver and Black did before. Hero4 Black: Sitting at the top of the new Hero lineup is the Hero4 Black. Unlike the Hero4 Silver, the Black doesn't have a touch screen—it uses the same physical button operation GoPro owners are used to. That's because the Black is targeting professionals who are already kitted out with GoPro rigs. It's a big upgrade in cinematography: It shoots 4K video at 30fps, and 1080p video at 120fps, good for slow motion. Like the Silver, it can do 12 megapixel photos in bursts of up to 30fps. Touch screen or not, that extra video talent is what brings up the price: Hero4 Black is the most expensive GoPro you can buy, coming in at $500.The new Hero and Hero4 cameras live up to GoPro's reputation for ruggedness, and can withstand ocean depths of over 130 feet when used inside their (included) protective shells.The introduction of the new cameras—which go on sale Oct. 5—comes at an important time for GoPro as a company. Last week, the stock hit record highs, more than tripling its June IPO price of $24 per share. On Friday, the company's stock closed at $82.10 per share.

Apps for Oenophiles, Beer Buffs and the Cocktail Crazed

Three Android and iPhone apps that enhance your appreciation of fine wine and spirits: Delectable, Untappd and Total Tiki.

Apple Sells Over 10 Million New iPhones in First Weekend

Apple Inc. said it sold more than 10 million of its latest iPhones in its first weekend of availability amid significant supply shortages and demand for scalped iPhones in Asia.

BlackBerry Goes Back to Square One

With a huge, square-shaped touch screen and touch-sensitive physical keyboard, the BlackBerry Passport is aimed primarily at the professional, Joanna Stern writes.

Tech News

Video: Testing the Camera on the iPhone 6

A professional photographer puts the iPhone 6 through its paces.

Q&A: Flipping Scanned Images

Slide images scanned upside-down or in reverse can be corrected with Windows or OS X programs, or with image-editing software.

Machine Learning: Making Adjustments in the Search for the Perfect News Feed

Companies like Facebook and Twitter are experimenting with their feeds, sometimes to the chagrin of users who like things the way they are.

Exposing Hidden Bias at Google

The tech giant is undertaking a long-term effort to make its employees aware of how unconscious biases can affect hiring and promotion decisions.

App Smart: Put That New iPhone 6 Through Its Paces

Apps show off the features of the new Apple iPhone and its operating system, iOS 8.


Blog Posts

Endavo Media’s Paul D Hamm Announced as Featured Speaker at OTT Video Executive Summit

September 8, 2014. New York City. Endavo Media, a leading digital media distribution company that is reinventing consumer TV and premium over-the-top video services, announced that CEO Paul D Hamm will be a featured speaker at the Over-the-Top Video Executive Summit (…


Posted by Brian Mahony on September 8, 2014 at 10:13am

OTT Video Summer Reading List for stories you might have missed

OTT Video Summer Reading List

I have been doing some research, reading, and writing this past summer and wanted to share some of the highlights with you. Use this as an interesting, but probably incomplete, reading list to catch up on the major developments in over-the-top video: 

* Streaming/Mobile TV becoming mainstream: …


Posted by Brian Mahony on September 3, 2014 at 4:52pm

How Teens See the Mobile Movement

As time evolves, so does the functionality of certain objects. The television started out simply to enable us to watch programs, but has evolved to being able to use the Internet and play video games, among other things. Gaming systems were plain and simple, but now have evolved into allowing us to watch movies, stream the Internet, download photos, and download apps. The device that has gone through the most change, however, is the mobile phone. It started out as basic as can be, just for…


Posted by Akshay Bhardwaj on August 13, 2014 at 12:44pm

Three Things You Need to Remember When Shopping Online

The internet has definitely changed the way we function as consumers, making everything much more convenient, giving us more access to information and products that we wouldn’t have been able to purchase in the…


Posted by Sookie Lioncourt on July 31, 2014 at 12:45pm

How Binge Watching Affects our Relationship with Media

As an avid TV watcher, I know and understand the pains of cable TV. Shows generally air once a week, cliffhangers and teases are everywhere, and timings often conflict with our own schedules. The couch and TV is one area of my life which I do not get to go to as much as I used to, simply because of a busy schedule. Trying to balance work, school, family, and friends prevents more time to be given to casually couch crashing and TV surfing as I would when I was younger. But, like many other…


Posted by Akshay Bhardwaj on July 29, 2014 at 2:26pm

Teenagers like me prefer Comcast for variety of content, Netflix for accessibility from any device.

Being a teenager, I've had the opportunity to experience watching TV using different sources, and also to observe my fellow teenage friends consuming TV. Here are my insights on teenage TV consumption to increase the TV hours of the teenage demographic.


My friends usually watch about one and a half to two and a half hours of…


Posted by Casey Mahony on July 17, 2014 at 12:00pm

India Dreaming and Streaming

In the world today, the Indian population is on the rise in the United States. More and more citizens are migrating over to the States in order to pursue better opportunities for themselves. Indeed, parents often come here in order to raise their child in our elite academic system, which is renowned worldwide and has given birth to some of the greatest minds in history. But in coming to a whole new world, those Indians lose much of their former culture. Food, lifestyle, environment, daily…


Posted by Akshay Bhardwaj on July 15, 2014 at 12:30pm

Calling Speakers for OTT Video Executive Summit New York-- Novermber 11, 2014

Save the Date!

I am pleased to announce the next OTT Video Executive Summit will take place on November 11, 2014 in New York city. Check out the new web site and check back frequently for updates: See photos and testimonials…


Posted by Brian Mahony on May 29, 2014 at 1:12pm

Service Provider News

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Top Tech News

EU says Ireland tax deal with Apple was state aid

Apple Operations International, a subsidiary of Apple Inc, is seen in Hollyhill, Cork, in the south of Ireland By Julia Fioretti and Tom Bergin BRUSSELS/LONDON (Reuters) - The European Union has accused Ireland of giving Apple Inc. state aid by letting the iPhone maker shelter profits worth tens of billions of dollars from tax, in return for maintaining jobs. European Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia told the Dublin government in a letter published on Tuesday that tax deals agreed in 1991 and 2007 appeared to amount to state aid that may have broken EU laws. ...

Get a combination Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, and mobile charger for $34.99

AccessoryGenie This compact jack-of-all-trades also functions as a speakerphone and a receiver for non-Bluetooth devices like headphones and stereos.>

iOS 8.1 beta points to support for Apple Pay

With the newly announced Apple Pay, iOS users can carry out purchases using the new iPhone and TouchID. A hidden screen in the beta for Apple Pay reveals a pane where you can enter your credit or debit card information.>

The Windows 9 upgrade might not be as free as initially believed

The Windows 9 upgrade might not be as free as initially believed After a report last week revealed the President of Microsoft Indonesia confirmed that the Windows 8 to Windows 9 upgrade will be available free download, Myce has discovered that not all current Windows 8 users may be entitled to a free Windows 9 update. Well-known Russian leaker WZOR, the source of various Windows 9 leaks in the past, says that just those customers who have purchased a Windows 8 (or Windows 8.1) copy will qualify for free upgrades. Users who have purchased a computer with Windows 8 preinstalled (OEM version of the software) will have to pay a fee. FROM EARLIER: Confirmed: Windows 9 to be a free upgrade for Windows 8 users The same source revealed that Windows 7 users

Samsung switches to Microsoft Word following visit by Satya Nadella

Samsung switches to Microsoft Word following visit by Satya Nadella After 20 years of using its own office software, Samsung has finally given in and decided to adopt Microsoft's ubiquitous Word. From January 1st, Samsung Electronics will start using Word throughout its offices, citing its almost universal compatibility as the reason to switch away from the in-house JungUm Global software. This change comes a week after a meeting in Korea between Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Samsung Vice Chairman Lee Jae-Yong.

eBay, PayPal to split into separate companies in 2015

eBay, PayPal to split into separate companies in 2015 The separation, brought up by activist investor Carl Icahn in January, will include new management teams for both businesses.>

Meet Matchstick, Mozilla's $25 Chromecast alternative

Meet Matchstick, Mozilla's $25 Chromecast alternative Is the world big enough for another streaming Internet dongle? Mozilla and Matchstick sure hope so, as they announce the first Firefox OS device that's not a smartphone.>

EBay follows Icahn's advice, plans PayPal spinoff in 2015

An eBay sign is seen at an office building in San Jose, California By Supantha Mukherjee (Reuters) - EBay Inc said it would spin off PayPal, its fast-growing payments business, into a publicly traded company in the second half of 2015, marking an about-face for the company. The news of the tax-free spinoff to shareholders sent eBay's shares up 10 percent to $58.15 in premarket trading. EBay Chief Executive John Donahoe had previously resisted demands by activist investor Carl Icahn to hive off the service, saying PayPal was integral to eBay's business, and vice versa. Icahn, eBay's sixth-largest shareholder with a 2. ...

Apple responds to allegations that it owes billions in unpaid taxes

Apple responds to allegations that it owes billions in unpaid taxes Yin and Yang are in full force at Apple right now, where its most massively successful product launch ever has been counterbalanced by an onslaught of scandals and bad news. First, there was iPhone 6 Plus “Bendgate.” Then, Apple bricked about 40,000 new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets with a buggy iOS 8.0.1 update. Earlier this week, a few big security flaws were found in iOS 8.0.2, and now Apple is in hot water over what the European Commission (EC) claims amounts to about $8 billion in unpaid taxes. Now, Apple has responded publicly for the first time to the EC’s allegations. According to preliminary finding detailed in a report released Tuesday morning by the EC, tax agreements struck in




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