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Introduction from Brian Mahony, CEO Trender Research, Inc.
Welcome to Trender Research! Trender Research is a market research and consulting firm that covers the use of technology-based devices and services by everyday people. Trender Research is dedicated to capturing the voice of not just the technically adept, but demographic groups that are often overlooked by established market research firms and the developers of new gadgets and services--- read more...

Personal Technology News

Hackers Infect Army of Cameras, DVRs for Massive Internet Attacks

Hackers used an army of hijacked security cameras and video recorders to launch several massive internet attacks last week, prompting fresh concern about the vulnerability of millions of “smart” devices in homes and businesses connected to the internet.

Bitmoji, Kimoji? A Guide to the Digital Sticker Craze

Joanna Stern explains why digital illustrations, tech’s latest cash cows, are herding onto your phone screen.

The Cheapest Way to Get Alexa: Amazon's New Fire TV Stick

Amazon introduced its second-gen Fire TV Stick, keeping the same $40 price, but including a voice-capable remote that lets owners talk to the artificially intelligent assistant Alexa.

DJI Heads Off GoPro With Smart, Compact Mavic Pro Drone

GoPro’s new Karma drone isn’t on sale yet, but it already has a nemesis, the Mavic Pro—a new quadcopter introduced Tuesday by SZ DJI Technology, the Chinese company that has risen to dominance in the consumer drone space.

Messaging Apps Vary Widely When It Comes to Privacy

With the arrival of Google’s new Allo service, it’s worth looking beneath the hood to see how popular messaging services care for users’ private correspondence.

Tech News

App Smart: More Fun on Your Wrist With New Apps for the Apple Watch

Among the offerings, apps in which you can speak to your watch to update to-do lists or get a quick assist on deciphering a foreign language.

Virtual Reality’s Possibilities Lure Video Game Developers

Phil Fish quit video games in 2014 after developing the hit game Fez; now he is part of a team that created a game for the coming Sony PlayStation VR.

State of the Art: A High-Stakes Bet: Turning Google Assistant Into a ‘Star Trek’ Computer

Google is threatened by the decline of web search, so it’s making a bold bet on what comes next: an all-knowing digital helper.

Tech Tip: Make the Mac’s Share Menu More Useful

Apple’s operating system provides an easy menu shortcut for sharing links, photos and other content, and you can customize your list of options.

Tech Tip: So Now You Want Windows 10 …

Microsoft ended its free upgrade offer for the operating system in July, but there are other ways to get the software.

Blog Posts

OTT Forecast: Cloud-y with a Chance of TVaaS 

A new white paper by OTT Executive Summit…


Posted by Brian Mahony on June 22, 2016 at 10:23am

Taking Control of The Program...

Today I feel so much pride in taking control of the programs I watch. I recall years earlier how I would have to rush home to catch my favorite shows, Family Feud, The Amazing Race, Under Cover Boss, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, or my favorite Spanish Telenovelas on Univision. I was always in a rush to watch  live programming because I can experience it with my friends and family and we could talk about it and be on the same page as we recap our favorite moments via social media. Although…


Posted by Alicia A. Perez on June 13, 2016 at 1:15am

Happy Streaming Kids in Control...

"The kids have taken control of their own programming", I said to my husband, yet, he looked at me with a no surprise look on his face. "They now want a larger tv in their room because the 40 inch Roku TV they now find it to be too small to watch their favorite programming", I continued. Although my husband thinks nothing about my kids programming habits or their wants, I've realized that in the past few years the kids, boys age 3 and…


Posted by Alicia A. Perez on June 11, 2016 at 10:30pm

Crossing the TV Divide

I currently live in a quiet town in Westchester County, NY in a single-family home. Having previously resided in Manhattan for close to 15 years, I live mostly in my bedroom and media room. I have varied devices in the room - LG HD TV, DVR, Wi-Fi router, Microsoft Surface book, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.  I tend to multi-task frequently so I am always using my iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or laptop while…


Posted by Savio Clemente on June 4, 2016 at 4:55pm

Will the OTT Market Reach $12B in 2018? Regional Market Research Forecasts and Trends

OTT market size data reflects the wide diversity of opinions as to how fundamental the shift is away from traditional Pay TV business models. Is it incremental and evolutionary, or is it dramatic and revolutionary? Depending on where you are coming from, your predictions for the future size of the premium subscription OTT market can vary dramatically. …


Posted by Brian Mahony on May 31, 2016 at 10:00pm

How do you OTT?

I am not in digital marketing. I am not a software engineer. I am not in telecommunications. I am a stay-at-home mom of two children. My days are filled with making lunches, bus schedules, driving to soccer practices and PTO meetings. So when posed the question, “How do you OTT?” my short answer is, I don’t.

Unsure exactly what OTT content is, I naturally Googled it. What I discovered was an entirely new way to view television, listen to music or watch a movie.…


Posted by Nichole Janowsky on January 19, 2016 at 8:39pm

Trender Research’s OTT Magazine Acquires IPTV Magazine

Westford, MA, January 19, 2016 --( Trender Research Inc.’s Over-the-Top Video division announced today the acquisition of IPTV…


Posted by Brian Mahony on January 19, 2016 at 11:00am

Like VoIP Before It, Video Quality Is the Final Measure of OTT Success

Since the beginning of my career, first in software and then in telecom, quality has…


Posted by Brian Mahony on January 14, 2016 at 10:43am

What if you could predict how successful your next movie or TV show would be? Social Sentiment Analysis-- the new content crystal ball.

We have too much content. Movies are produced, millions spent, but many won’t survive much beyond their opening weekend. TV shows are made, pilots launched, but some are cancelled after just a few episodes. Meanwhile consumers complain there are too many channels, too many shows, but there is often “nothing on” that they want to watch. Why the disconnect?…


Posted by Brian Mahony on November 4, 2015 at 10:31pm

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Top Tech News

Amazon's next game will be the first to use Twitch's new currency

Amazon's next game will be the first to use Twitch's new currency Amazon's next game is a four-on-four multiplayer battler called Breakaway, the company announced tonight, and will be the first game in the world to use a new currency developed by popular streaming site Twitch. Both the game and the currency — called Stream+ — were revealed at Twitchcon in San Diego. Amazon Game Studios promised that Stream+ would integrate directly with Breakaway, while a video clip indicated that players would be able to earn the currency by watching matches online, and use those coins to bet on the outcome.

Ambient rock group Tycho just released a surprise, chill new album

Ambient rock group Tycho just released a surprise, chill new album You started out watching Donald Trump yell for 90 minutes, and now it’s Friday, and you’re ready to take a break. Well, good news: ambient rock project Tycho just released a surprise new album, and it’s super chill. It’s called Epoch, and it’s Tycho’s first release since 2014’s Awake.

Teddy Ruxpin is coming back and he's got emoji-like eyes

Teddy Ruxpin is coming back and he's got emoji-like eyes The talking bear from your 1980s dreams (or nightmares) is all spiffed up and will be back for 2017.

Apparently it’s 2004 because Microsoft is making an all-in-one desktop

Microsoft is expected to unveil new Surface-branded hardware this year, including Surface Pro 5 and a Surface Book 2 tablet/laptops. But for the first time since introducing the Surface family of Windows devices, Microsoft may also launch a desktop computer of its own. Rumored to be an all-in-one (AIO) PC, the Surface desktop is expected to compete directly against Apple’s iMac. DON’T MISS: An Apple employee just leaked details about the iPhone 8 According to The Verge , Microsoft is currently targeting a late October launch event in New York City. That’s when at least one AIO PC should be unveiled. Apple is also going to unveil refreshed Macs in late October, according to recent reports . German site WinFuture discovered even more evidence that Microsoft is serious about making desktop hardware: a listing for a Surface Ergonomic Keyboard at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). The name seems to indicate that Microsoft is making a Surface accessory that would fit a desktop PC rather than a 2-in-1 tablet/laptop. A product image for the keyboard isn’t available. Microsoft has developed various keyboard accessories for its Surface devices in the past. If it’s launching a Surface AIO this year, it’s likely the computer will have its unique accessories. Apple’s iMac also has various accessories of its own, including mice, keyboards, and trackpads. Details are scarce on what the Surface AIO will have to offer. But given Microsoft’s history of going after Apple products with its Surface devices, the PC will at least match the iMac's specs.

Sharp says to invest 57.4 billion yen in OLED business

A man using his mobile phone walks past Sharp Corp's liquid crystal display monitors showing the company logo in Tokyo TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Sharp Corp said on Friday it will invest 57.4 billion yen($567.81 million) in its organic light-emitting diode (OLED) business as part of a shift towards the production of displays for use in smartphones, automobiles and flat-screen televisions. The investment will take place between April and June 2018, the company said, adding that there will not be any impact on the company's financial results in the year to March. (Reporting by Thomas Wilson; Editing by Michael Perry)

Elliott takes 8.1 percent stake in Mentor Graphics

Activist hedge fund Elliott Management said it bought 8.1 percent stake in Mentor Graphics Corp , calling on the company to increase shareholder value and pursue "strategic opportunities." Mentor Graphics is the latest technology firm the hedge fund has targeted, following successful campaigns at Qlik Technologies, Riverbed, Informatica and Compuware, which all sold to private equity firms after Elliott invested. Elliott said in a filing Thursday it had initiated a dialogue with the board of directors after taking a roughly $200 million stake in the company.

The app that gives users unlimited free stock trades now has an unbeatable paid tier

The advent of low-fee stock trading platforms like E-Trade brought a rush new money into the market. For better or worse, online self-service equity trading platforms opened up the stock market to droves of new investors. These services have only grown more accessible over time, with many such as TD Ameritrade and E-Trade advertising entry-level commissions of $10 per trade. $10 per trade is a tremendous value compared to traditional services, but now there's a newer service that offers an even better value for budding investors. MUST SEE:  Yup, now the iPhone 7 is exploding We first covered an app called Robinhood back in May . The first-of-its-kind service allows investors to place unlimited stock trades for free. Yes, it's really, truly free and people are taking advantage. Robinhood says its 1 million users have rung up more than $12 billion in transactions so far, and have saved $200 million in commission fees. Robinhood doesn't provide the same level of support as the larger firms, nor does it provide investors with as many tools or capabilities. The company's free product is geared toward young investors looking to make basic trades. On Thursday, however, Robinhood addressed a number of key shortcomings with a new product called Robinhood Gold . For $10 per month, Robinhood Gold subscribers will gain three new features. First, they will be able to buy and sell stocks during the morning and evening after-hours sessions. Second, Robinhood will double Gold subscribers' buying power by issuing short-term lines of credit. Finally, users will be able to invest funds instantly when making a deposit from an outside account, rather than having to wait up to three days for the money to clear. The new Robinhood Gold product is a great option for investors looking to get a bit more bang for their buck than they might with other firms, but it's still not an option for more seasoned investors. While the new features available with Robinhood Gold will be welcomed by many users, Robinhood still doesn't support short selling, OTC market stocks, or many other features that more advanced investors might want to utilize. The company did tell BGR that additional features will be added to Robinhood Gold down the road, though no specifics were provided. Robinhood Gold is rolling out beginning Thursday, and there is a free trial period available. Users will need at least $2,000 in their Robinhood accounts in order to subscribe to Gold.

Tesla says Autopilot not to blame in crash with bus in Germany

The logo of U.S. car manufacturer Tesla is seen in Zurich FRANKFURT/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A Tesla Motors Inc car operating under Autopilot collided with a bus in northern Germany, but the electric car maker said a collision was unavoidable because the bus swerved into the vehicle's lane. The incident occurred on Wednesday in the town of Ratzeburg, German police said. The car's driver told Tesla following the crash that he was using Autopilot when the incident occurred but that it was unrelated to the accident, a Tesla spokeswoman said on Thursday.

What happens when a Tesla Model S hits 200,000 miles?

Back in the day, if a car reached 100,000 miles it was probably a reliable sign that it was time to trade it in and get a new vehicle. These days, the 100,000 mile threshold is much less of an issue thanks to numerous advances in engineering, automotive technologies and materials. In fact, these days it’s not unheard of to see cars with 200,000 miles still chugging along. While that may hold true for gas-powered vehicles, a lot less is known about what happens when electric cars put on hundreds of thousands of miles. Of course, this is largely due to the fact that mass-market EVs are a relatively new phenomenon given that the Tesla Model S wasn’t even available until June of 2012. DON'T MISS:  Yup, now the iPhone 7 is exploding There is, however, a Model S unit that has impressively amassed more than 200,000 miles, all in less than 2 years, believe it or not. As it turns out, there's a company called Tesloop that takes passengers back and forth between Los Angeles and Las Vegas in a Tesla Model S. And not too long ago, the first car in its fleet finally reached the 200,000 milestone. Curious as to how a Model S holds up after 200,000 miles, Kristen Hall-Geisler of TechCrunch called up the company to get the lowdown on how well Tesla's primary money-maker withstands thousands of miles of hard road driving. What’s particularly interesting, according to Tesloop, is that the Model S' battery didn’t experience the type of degradation one commonly associates or expects with lithium ion batteries. In fact, Rahul Sonnad of Tesloop said that the battery on the company’s Model S workhorse only degraded by 6%. Of course, that’s not to say that there aren’t any problems. Then, just as the car hit 200,000 miles, the range estimator became inaccurate. Though the car didn’t actually lose any range, the estimator would say it could go another ten miles—and then power down. Tesla looked into the issue, and told Tesloop that there’s a battery chemistry state that high-mileage cars go into, and the software isn’t properly compensating for that change. There will be a firmware update in three months that will take care of the discrepancy, but Tesla just replaced the battery to solve the problem. “We got our 6% range back with the new battery,” Sonnad said with a laugh. “But had the firmware been updated, we’d be fine and plugging along.” Make sure to hit the source link below for the full rundown of what happens to a Tesla Model S once it hits 200,000 miles on the odometer. Again, because electric vehicles are still relatively new, we're essentially in uncharted waters when it comes to seeing how well they hold up to either aggressive or prolonged usage.

Nutanix IPO shows risks of 'unicorn' valuations

By Heather Somerville SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - In the run-up to its initial public offering, cloud computing company Nutanix scrambled to avoid a situation that has increasingly marred technology IPOs: a price that is below the most recent private funding round. After initially pricing shares at $11 to $13, a range that set the company up for a valuation nosedive, Nutanix on Thursday priced shares at $16 apiece. The higher-than-expected price values Nutanix at $2.2 billion, a boost from the $2 billion valuation it received in a 2014 private funding round.




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