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Introduction from Brian Mahony, CEO Trender Research, Inc.
Welcome to Trender Research! Trender Research is a market research and consulting firm that covers the use of technology-based devices and services by everyday people. Trender Research is dedicated to capturing the voice of not just the technically adept, but demographic groups that are often overlooked by established market research firms and the developers of new gadgets and services--- read more...

Personal Technology News

First Apps Give Apple Watch These Four New Talents

By Nathan Olivarez-Giles Now that the Apple Watch app store has launched, we’re finally getting an idea of what creative thinkers want to do with the smartest wearable around. No, the best early Apple Watch apps aren’t about a billion wrist-top notifications, and they’re not simply shrunken down smartphone apps, either. When developers get it right, they’re creating new experiences tailored to the Apple Watch’s postage-stamp-sized screen, and its convenient, always-visible position. They keep you informed, guide you on your way and help you achieve simple tasks.Here are some of the best new uses for the Apple Watch available on Day One—and some cool apps that demonstrate them—along with some surprise apps that we did not see coming. It’s not meant to be a complete list, but a hand-picked selection: Get Timely Info The best information is on time and usable. Real-time spending info is served via Mint to keep you on a budget, even when you’re out shopping, glanceable baseball scores are fed from MLB at Bat, so you can keep up with your favorite team, pitch by pitch. And Misfit and FitStar Yoga can deliver quick workouts when you find yourself with a little time to kill. Find Your Way Context is king: time and place. The watch apps for Yelp and Foursquare don’t pull you into deep searches: They help you find a hot spot nearby. You can use Transit to find out what train or bus to take to get there, and even when it’ll arrive. If you make reservations with OpenTable, and the venue takes Apple Pay, your watch will tell you when it’s time to pay—no need to wait around for the check. Control Your Surroundings If you’ve ever tried duct-taping a remote control to your wrist, you’re probably first in line for an Apple Watch. But control goes beyond picking TV programs (which you can do with the watch out of the box if you have an Apple TV). You can control what, and how much, your kids are doing on the iPhone or iPad with PBS Kids SuperVision and Nick Jr. You can control lighting with the Philips Hue app, and many other facets of the smart home with Insteon. At work, the PowerPoint app lets you shuffle through your slides without being anchored to a computer. Go Hands-Free Shopping lists on a phone can be frustrating, especially if you’re pushing a cart and grabbing a bunch of stuff. Target and Kroger put the shopping list—and aisle guidance—on the watch. Cooking is another time when holding electronics is not necessarily ideal, unless you want them covered in butter, flour and other ingredients. Epicurious, Green Kitchen and others move the recipe to the wrist. And Hole19 and Strava let you stash your phone and still keep track of your golf game or your bike ride. Bonus Awesomeness OK, we admit, we were caught off guard a little by these apps. But once we thought about it, they all do things you really want a watch to do. Knock lets you log into your Mac securely without a password. JoyTunes Metronome silently taps the beat out on your wrist, so you stay on tempo without added noise. And WatchTag is the first truly social Apple Watch app: All your friends have a target on their wrists, and everyone runs around trying to tap each other until they run out of points. Last one with points left on their wrist wins.

How to Tame the Apple Watch

Life doesn’t have to be reduced to a series of unnecessary disruptions on your wrist.

Your Weakest Security Link? Your Children

They are always making mischief online, one step ahead of their parents. Here’s how to rein them in—and teach them life lessons, too.

Front Runners in the Hunt for the Apple Watch Killer App

Among the many early—and flawed—watch apps are some helpful examples of how we’ll use a wrist-top computer.

The Best Way to Organize a Lifetime of Photos

Tech Review: Apple Photos, Adobe Lightroom, Shoebox, Lyve and Mylio put your entire picture library in your pocket, Geoffrey A. Fowler says.

Tech News

Remotely Controlling the DVR

Tips for Time Warner Cable customers who want to use their iPhones to manage DVR recordings.

App Smart: Video Feature: Apps to Kindle the Imagination

Stuck on a problem? Trapped in a rut? Here are a few apps to get your creativity flowing again.

Gadgetwise: Backers Say USB-C Is the Cable of the Future

A successor to the USB connector, it is smaller to work with thinner devices, and it is designed to handle high speeds for data transfers and lots of power.

Q&A: Working With Old Office Files on a New Mac OS

Even with an upgrade, there are several ways to work with Microsoft Office files. Also, backing up data on an Amazon Fire tablet.

State of the Art: An Online Tune-Up for the Used-Car Marketplace

Beepi, which acts as a broker between sellers and buyers of used automobiles, could alter the way people buy used cars.


Blog Posts

TV Watching as a Mom

As a mom tv watching in my household is very limited. I also find that watching tv in itself has evolved. For the most part, I find that instead of spending countless hours in front of the tv soaking in hours of programming we are now on-the-go and choosing what we want to watch and when. There's also so much content available and ways to obtain it that it can be quite overwhelming.

While at home I am constantly multi-tasking while preparing a meal for my family, organizing the home,…


Posted by Alicia A. Perez on April 26, 2015 at 12:37am

World Cup Webinar: CBC Teams with Akamai to Deliver Record-Breaking Performance


Please join Akamai on December 2 at 2 PM EST for an…


Posted by Brian Mahony on November 24, 2014 at 4:11pm

Witbe’s Planche, EPIX’s Ziv, and OTT Digital Services’ Harnsberger Take Top Honors at the OTT Video Executive Summit

OTT trophy winners awarded by a forum of fellow executives.…


Posted by Brian Mahony on November 14, 2014 at 12:30pm

TV Watching Habits

Ever since I discovered Netflix I have been hooked. I rarely watch regular cable television anymore, not only do I enjoy Netflix my kids love it. There are so many choices for the kids to watch such as; movies, cartoons to films that relate to young teens. I especially enjoy Netflix because I have been able to see movies that have not been released in theaters and that I probably wouldn't haven't watched otherwise. I tend to watch movies on the weekend with the family to catch up from the…


Posted by Susan Romero on November 6, 2014 at 7:44pm

Will OTT be assimilated into existing Pay TV business models, or destroy them?

I know this might sound trite, but 2014 could be the year of "Over-the-Top." Perhaps not the year it became so mainstream that it rivaled the decades-old Pay TV business model, but at least the year when seeds where planted, some with roots that might break concrete.

Consider the recent announcements by HBO, CBS, Univision and others. It used to be that these content players had too much to risk to upset the Pay TV apple cart,…


Posted by Brian Mahony on October 27, 2014 at 11:10am

With all the major OTT news from HBO and CBS, FreeCast's simple but innovative Rabbit TV Plus says "Yup, we've been waiting for you."

FreeCast continues to make news among announcements from some of the content giants. And I happen to know there's even bigger news in the works.

Sometimes simple is better too. Can Rabbit TV Plus succeed where so many more complicated solutions have failed? The price is hard to beat:…


Posted by Brian Mahony on October 22, 2014 at 12:00pm

Endavo Media’s Paul D Hamm Announced as Featured Speaker at OTT Video Executive Summit

September 8, 2014. New York City. Endavo Media, a leading digital media distribution company that is reinventing consumer TV and premium over-the-top video services, announced that CEO Paul D Hamm will be a featured speaker at the Over-the-Top Video Executive Summit (…


Posted by Brian Mahony on September 8, 2014 at 10:13am

OTT Video Summer Reading List for stories you might have missed

OTT Video Summer Reading List

I have been doing some research, reading, and writing this past summer and wanted to share some of the highlights with you. Use this as an interesting, but probably incomplete, reading list to catch up on the major developments in over-the-top video: 

* Streaming/Mobile TV becoming mainstream: …


Posted by Brian Mahony on September 3, 2014 at 4:52pm

How Teens See the Mobile Movement

As time evolves, so does the functionality of certain objects. The television started out simply to enable us to watch programs, but has evolved to being able to use the Internet and play video games, among other things. Gaming systems were plain and simple, but now have evolved into allowing us to watch movies, stream the Internet, download photos, and download apps. The device that has gone through the most change, however, is the mobile phone. It started out as basic as can be, just for…


Posted by Akshay Bhardwaj on August 13, 2014 at 12:44pm

Three Things You Need to Remember When Shopping Online

The internet has definitely changed the way we function as consumers, making everything much more convenient, giving us more access to information and products that we wouldn’t have been able to purchase in the…


Posted by Sookie Lioncourt on July 31, 2014 at 12:45pm

Service Provider News

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Top Tech News

Fall into a hypnotic daze with this CGI aquarium video

Fall into a hypnotic daze with this CGI aquarium video Visual artist Oleg Memukhin planned a recent CGI experiment around one of Earth's most hypnotic visuals: fish swimming around in a circle. Using the graphics application Houdini, Memukhin created a school of small, shimmery fish and had them move in sync around any objects placed in their path. In the video above, Memukhin describes the four elements in his "flocking model": cohesion, separation and alignment, obstacle avoidance, and shape animation and flee behavior.

Russian hackers reportedly read some of Obama's emails last year

Russian hackers reportedly read some of Obama's emails last year Last year, some of President Obama's emails were exposed to Russian hackers during a White House computer system breach. Servers that control the traffic to Obama's BlackBerry also remained secure. Obama's personal email account was not affected, rather, much of his correspondence was culled from the accounts of people with whom he communicated frequently. The White House is hit with cyberattacks every day, the Times reports, but this was an advanced, highly targeted attack.

Overcome Agile hangovers with a 'software craftsman' approach

Overcome Agile hangovers with a 'software craftsman' approach How to make Agile stick: both IT professionals and their employers need a 'software craftsman' mindset that addresses each project with extreme quality and care -- despite deadline pressures.

Hackers temporarily take control of Tesla’s website, Elon Musk's Twitter account

Hackers temporarily take control of Tesla’s website, Elon Musk's Twitter account Earlier today, Tesla's Twitter account and website were taken over by some nefarious jokesters. Around 5 PM ET,  a strange tweet popped up on the company's official Twitter account, suggesting the company was no longer in control of what was being posted. The Tesla account name was changed to #RIPPRGANG. The person behind the @rootworx account tweeted several times he was not responsible for the hack, although it was his phone number that was leaked.

Quiksilver designed a wetsuit that looks like an actual suit

Quiksilver designed a wetsuit that looks like an actual suit If you're a surfer, and you love the feel of salty sea mist on your skin, and the threatening billow of a forming wave, and the rush of gliding on water, but your preferred look is business formal, I've got good news for you. Quiksilver in Japan and the ad agency TBWA\HAKUHODO have designed the True Wetsuit, a wetsuit that looks like an actual suit.




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