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Introduction from Brian Mahony, CEO Trender Research, Inc.
Welcome to Trender Research! Trender Research is a market research and consulting firm that covers the use of technology-based devices and services by everyday people. Trender Research is dedicated to capturing the voice of not just the technically adept, but demographic groups that are often overlooked by established market research firms and the developers of new gadgets and services--- read more...

Personal Technology News

A 19-Year-Old Just Built the First Fingerprint-Reading Smart Gun

Geoffrey A. Fowler takes an exclusive look at the only handgun that unlocks like an iPhone.

Google Pixel Review: The Android iPhone You've Been Waiting For

Yanking a page from Apple’s playbook, Google has created the best Android phone, Joanna Stern says.

An Internet-Powered Beer-Making Robot…What Could Go Wrong?

What ales the robotic kitchen? Geoffrey A. Fowler journeys into the dark heart of computerized homebrewing with PicoBrew, an Internet-connected beer maker.

This Cozmo Robot Could Be Your New Best Friend

Cozmo’s looks are deceiving. This cute, plastic toy tractor may look run of the mill, but when it springs to life, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

You Can Now Endorse Your Favorite Candidates on Facebook

Facebook now has a news-feed feature that allows users to formally “endorse” a presidential candidate.

Tech News

Tech Tip: There’s More than One Way to Scan on a Mac

Multifunction printer manufacturers typically include scanner software with their hardware, but the Mac may not need a special program.

App Smart: Make Your Phone a Valuable Holiday Shopping Companion

Gift-buying season has arrived, and there are plenty of apps to help make you a smarter shopper.

Tech Fix: Worried About the Privacy of Your Messages? Download Signal

Signal, an encrypted chat service, is a must in an era when companies collect ever more information about users and government surveillance may expand.

Tech Tip: How to Link to the Good Part of the YouTube Video

If you don’t want to tell your friends to fast-forward to a certain time in the clip you have shared, send them a special link that goes right there.

State of the Art: The Gadget Apocalypse Is Upon Us

Remember gadgets? They were wonderful, and now they’re no more.

Blog Posts

Why You Still Need Broadcasting Best Practices to Successfully Deliver OTT Live Sports and Events

I am continuing in my goal to read ten OTT white papers by the end of the year. This week’s is one of my favorites. I like pieces that combine hands-on experience with practical advice.…


Posted by Brian Mahony on November 15, 2016 at 12:00pm

Current Trends and Business Model Implications for Broadcasters, MVPDs, and OTT Providers

I’m on a tear to read a white paper a week for the remaining 10 weeks of the year. I’ll be sharing some of the better ones with…


Posted by Brian Mahony on October 12, 2016 at 3:30pm

The Emerging WYN-WYN Network

By Kurt Michel, Sr. Marketing Director, IneoQuest Technologies

If you were to envision the “perfect” network, how would you describe it? What would be the…


Posted by Brian Mahony on October 6, 2016 at 9:49pm

The Evolution of OTT

By Stuart Newton, VP of Corporate Strategy, IneoQuest…


Posted by Brian Mahony on October 5, 2016 at 7:00pm

OTT Forecast: Cloud-y with a Chance of TVaaS 

A new white paper by OTT Executive Summit…


Posted by Brian Mahony on June 22, 2016 at 10:23am

Taking Control of The Program...

Today I feel so much pride in taking control of the programs I watch. I recall years earlier how I would have to rush home to catch my favorite shows, Family Feud, The Amazing Race, Under Cover Boss, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, or my favorite Spanish Telenovelas on Univision. I was always in a rush to watch  live programming because I can experience it with my friends and family and we could talk about it and be…


Posted by Alicia A. Perez on June 13, 2016 at 1:00am

Happy Streaming Kids in Control...

"The kids have taken control of their own programming", I said to my husband, yet, he looked at me with a no surprise look on his face. "They now want a larger tv in their room because the 40 inch Roku TV they now find it to be too small to watch their favorite programming", I continued. Although my husband thinks nothing about my kids programming habits or their wants, I've realized that in the past few years the kids, boys age 3 and…


Posted by Alicia A. Perez on June 11, 2016 at 10:30pm

Crossing the TV Divide

I currently live in a quiet town in Westchester County, NY in a single-family home. Having previously resided in Manhattan for close to 15 years, I live mostly in my bedroom and media room. I have varied devices in the room - LG HD TV, DVR, Wi-Fi router, Microsoft Surface book, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.  I tend to multi-task frequently so I am always using my iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or laptop while…


Posted by Savio Clemente on June 4, 2016 at 4:55pm

Service Provider News

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Top Tech News

Congress cracks down on bots used by ticket scalpers

Congress cracks down on bots used by ticket scalpers The US Congress this week passed legislation that would outlaw bots used by scalpers to purchase tickets to concerts, sporting events, and Broadway shows. The Better Online Ticket Sales (BOTS) Act was passed in the House of Representatives with bipartisan support on Wednesday, the Associated Press reports, and now awaits President Obama’s signature. “These bots have gotten completely out of control and their dominance in the market is denying countless fans access to shows, concerts, and sporting events and driving prices through the roof,” said Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in a statement.

Samsung, Google, Facebook and Sony join forces to drive VR development

Despite high prices, VR headsets could still find a place under the tree this Holiday. Acer Starbreeze, Facebook Oculus, Google, HTC Vive, Samsung and Sony Interactive Entertainment have announced the formation of an international non-profit organization, called the Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA), to research and foster virtual reality technology and bring together all the players in this global industry, including consumers. Together, partners in the alliance hope to shape the future of virtual reality by developing this emerging industry and taking it forward in synergy with consumers. "The goal of the Global Virtual Reality Association is to promote responsible development and adoption of VR globally," said the GVRA.

Super Mario Run will need an active internet connection to play

Super Mario Run will need an active internet connection to play Super Mario Run is coming out December 15th, but to play it you’ll need an active internet connection. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed this detail in an interview with Mashable, saying the requirement was introduced to curb piracy. “For us, we view our software as being a very important asset,” said Miyamoto.

Apple’s CarPlay is now available in more than 200 different models

Apple’s CarPlay is now available in more than 200 different models If reports are to be believed, Apple has scaled back ambitions to build its own car, but it’s still going strong with its more prosaic automobile offering: CarPlay. It’s not clear in terms of precise numbers how this compares to Google’s rival car OS, Android Auto, but both companies cover all the major manufacturers. As of this October, Android Auto was scheduled to be available on more than 40 2016 models, including some from BMW, Fiat Chrysler (including Dodge and Jeep), and Toyota and Lexus.

Facebook now lets anyone make their own Snapchat-like photo frame

Facebook now lets anyone make their own Snapchat-like photo frame Facebook continues to flesh out its in-app camera features, releasing a new tool that lets members of the public create and submit their own custom photo frames for others to use. The social network has offered photo frames for your profile picture since 2015, but hasn’t let anyone create their own before now. Like Facebook’s other photo experiments (including a version of the app that opens straight to the camera instead of the News Feed), this new tool isn’t available to everyone.

Fugitive Indian tycoon Mallya cries foul over Twitter hack

Kingfisher Airlines Chairman Vijay Mallya speaks to the media during a news conference in Mumbai Fugitive Indian businessman Vijay Mallya said on Friday that his Twitter account had been penetrated by a hacking group called Legion, which posted links to what it alleged were details of Mallya's bank accounts, offshore investments and luxury cars. Mallya, a flamboyant former billionaire who made his fortune from a liquor and beer empire, moved to Britain in March after being pursued in courts by banks that his now defunct Kingfisher airline owed around $1.4 billion. "Legion will find you, hack you, expose you," read one of several postings tweeted by the hackers on Mallya's official Twitter account before they were erased at around 1215 IST (0645 GMT).

Watch the first Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer

Watch the first Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer MarvelThe first trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, giving us a clear look at how well leading man Tom Holland can handle himself in the ol’ red and blue pajamas.The trailer follows Spider-Man as he interrupts a bank robbery, perches on tall buildings, and takes life advice from Tony Stark. We also get a glimpse of Jon Favreau as Tony Stark’s body man Happy Hogan and of Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes / Vulture. ...

Ridiculously lucky scientists find feather-covered dinosaur tail preserved in amber

Scientists have known for a while now that many dinosaurs had feathers, and simply weren't the shiny, leathery reptilian beasts that movies are so fond of depicting, but finding intact feathers that have survived untold eons is virtually impossible. That is, unless a dinosaur somehow found a way to accidentally let a portion of its body get smothered in tree sap and then conveniently died in a place where humans would eventually stumble upon it. It seems at least one such dinosaur did exactly that. In a new paper published in Current Biology , a group of scientists led by Lida Xing detail the discovery and inspection of a remarkably preserved tail from a member of the dinosaur subgroup Coelurosauria. The tail is partially covered in amber, allowing humanity a rare glimpse of its original appearance. The fossil was discovered in Myanmar, and is thought to be from the mid-Cretaceous period, which puts its age somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million years. The scientists have already ruled out the possibility that the tail was from a prehistoric bird due to the vertebrae structure in its tail, meaning that this was indeed a feathered, ground-dwelling dinosaur. The feathers themselves are described as being flexible in nature, suggesting that they are more in line with ornamental feathers — that is, feathers that have little or no value when it comes to flight. That means the feathers were almost certainly for looks and little else. However, these prehistoric feathers are still an important puzzle piece for researchers attempting to trace back the origins of feathers as a whole.

Twitter reverses update that 'accidentally' killed the @ symbol in replies

Twitter reverses update that 'accidentally' killed the @ symbol in replies If you were using Twitter this evening and noticed a distinct lack of @-symbols in your mentions, you weren't alone. Twitter has confirmed that it 'accidentally' pushed an 'experiment around replies' to all iOS users, removing the conventional username signifier from the start of replies and making usernames no longer count toward character limit. “Upside, we got helpful feedback,” Twitter says.

These water-powered ‘Star Wars’ speeder bikes are a nerd dream come true

The undeniably cool speeder bikes featured prominently in the third Star Wars installment, Return of The Jedi , are one of those sci-fi staples that we never expected to see realized by modern technology. Leave it to YouTube star Devin Super Tramp to throw that notion out the window and actually assemble a team that makes them a reality. Well, sort of. In a new mini fan film, those iconic levitating bikes break free from their fictional foundations thanks to some impressive handiwork and help from  Jetovator . Jetovator is the company behind those water-powered jet bikes that you may have seen attracting onlookers at your local watering hole, and for the purposes of the geeky fan short, several Jetovators were heavily modified to look similar to speeder bikes from a galaxy far, far away. The actual film is just a few minutes long, and very B-Movie in its execution, but it's a fun watch and pretty entertaining nonetheless. But what's probably even more impressive than the goofy short is the making-of video where we get to see how the bikes were born. The Jetovators, which require a personal watercraft and an experienced operator to supply the horsepower and rapid water flow to the bike itself, got a duct tape makeover to give them their sci-fi appearance. The same treatment was given to a pair of dirt bike helmets in order to nail the speeder pilot look. If you don't examine any of it too closely, it all looks pretty spot-on, assuming you can ignore the giant jets of water spewing out of the speeders.




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