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Market Research from the Consumer’s Point of View

In today’s world of rapidly changing technology and evolving consumer behavior, understanding the intersection of the two and predicting the larger trends they create can be difficult. Technology standards and innovations morph in lightning fast and unpredictable ways. Modern consumer lifestyles and techno-social movements do not just evolve, they erupt over a short period of time. In this environment, there needs to be a better way to keep a pulse on the technologies and trends that drive user adoption of new devices and services. One in which the consumer’s voice is captured in real-time and woven into expert analysis and research. One where real people representing every major demographic and geography have a voice. A way that combines the perspectives of the early adopters with that of the everyday consumer. That way is Trender Research™.

Market Research Reports and Services

Trender Research combines expert analysis with the voice of everyday people to provide a unique and insightful perspective. Our Trenders keep our analysts grounded in the needs of the average consumer— from moms, to teens, to professionals, to seniors, to people with various ethnic backgrounds. Our analysis is vetted through the filter of the Trender Framework™, and the Trenders themselves, to move beyond a simple appraisal of the technology alone to a practical assessment of what is required to appeal to the mainstream market.

• Strategic Scan

A Strategic Scan provides a strategic overview of the major issues facing an industry or product category and presents a framework for how to address them.

• Trender Needs Report

A Trender Needs Report is a proactive and qualitative focus group of a diverse set of Trenders who articulate their needs and wants, and dislikes, for a particular product category.

• Thought Leaders Report

A Thought Leaders Report encapsulates the collective wisdom of the luminaries in a particular industry or product category. It is intended to capture the diverse perspectives of the leaders driving the industry, as well as to provide a summary of lessons learned and going forward recommendations.

• Trender Research Study

A Trender Research Study captures the major trends of an industry or product category and highlights the major players shaping it. It uses the Trender Framework™ and Trender Dashboard™, as well is input from a panel of Trenders themselves, to assess the mainstream market viability of major vendors and trends.

• Trender Research Survey

A Trender Research Survey is a comprehensive review of the major trends and all the vendors, big and small, within an industry or product category. In addition to insightful strategic analysis, the Survey provides a checklist of needs from the Trenders, assesses the current and future capabilities and direction of industry players, provides recommendations, and makes predictions for the industry based on various scenarios.

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Interactive Consulting and Marketing Services

Trender Research leverages the entire Trender community or specific demographic groups for interactive consulting services, virtual focus groups, brand brainstorming, and marketing planning.

• Virtual Focus Groups

Virtual focus groups are a great way to quickly and cost-effectively receive feedback on new or existing products, including feature priorities, pricing, use cases, and product enhancements. Focus groups are comprised of 8-10 Trenders (per group) and moderated by a Trender Research Analyst or Consultant. Since moderation happens online, the recorded chat session adds to the immediacy and richness of the feedback, versus the approach of conventional focus groups in which the moderator engages each participant one at a time. Total project duration is typically less than one month and costs less than half that of conventional focus groups. Project management includes initial consultation and definition of target market, focus group setup and selection, moderation of conference call, summary analysis report, and client read-out.

Click here to learn more why Trender Research virtual focus groups make good strategic and financial sense.

• Brand Brainstorming

Coming up with brand names for new companies, products, or campaigns can be an expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating process that often yields results no one is happy with. Trender Research has created an innovative new method for brand brainstorming that harnesses the ideas of people “outside the fishbowl” who represent your potential customers. Combining the expertise of Trender Research’s experts with the creativity of the everyday Trenders, we provide a short list of brand candidates that have been fully vetted (trademark register, domain register, online scan), pending only final review by the client’s legal counsel. Project management includes initial consultation and brand parameters definition, brand candidates first pass, client review, and brand finalists presentation.

• Marketing Planning

Trender Research combines the experience of our senior team, who have launched dozens of tech products, with the input of our everyday Trenders to help you build a marketing plan that is effective and practical. We help you by providing input on messaging and positioning, marketing collateral plan, channel strategy, guerrilla marketing, and optimal PR and advertising strategy that leverages traditional, online, and social media. Your plan will be developed by experts and vetted by the input of the everyday Trenders who represent the interests of your future customers.

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