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Market Insights from the Consumer’s Point of View

In today’s world of rapidly changing technology and evolving consumer behavior, understanding the intersection of the two and predicting the larger trends they create can be difficult. Technology standards and innovations morph in lightning fast and unpredictable ways. Modern consumer lifestyles and techno-social movements do not just evolve, they erupt over a short period of time. In this environment, there needs to be a better way to keep a pulse on the technologies and trends that drive user adoption of new devices and services. One in which the consumer’s voice is captured in real-time and woven into expert analysis and research. One where real people representing every major demographic and geography have a voice. A way that combines the perspectives of the early adopters with that of the everyday consumer. That way is Trender Research™.


Our consulting services include strategy formulation, marketing planning, content creation, product road-mapping, expert witness, RFP creation, vendor selection, and new service roll-out and project management. 

Community Management

Trender Research manages a variety of communities of technology professionals who are connected via a combination of social media, web, email marketing, and content publishing channels. They include:

  • 47,000 member OTT Video Community which is comprised of content publications, events, and one of the largest social media groups dedicated to over-the-top video, media, and entertainment.
  • 24,000 member Social Video & Livestreaming Community including a flagship event and multiple social media groups across Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • 11,000 member Hi-Tech Product Strategy Community across social media channels.
  • 9,000 member Shipping & Logistics Community across social media channels.
  • 6,000 member Consumer Robotics Community across social media channels.
  • A range of smaller communities and professional networks including GPS Technology, Health Technology, Green Technology, and Digital Security. 

Content Marketing and Business Development

Trender Research research regularly works with clients to help them improve visibility, generate leads, and make business connections that convert into qualified opportunities. Our projects include white paper and webinar creation, promotion, and execution, as well as direct business development support. We can take on an advocacy role for companies we believe in. However, we reserve the right to decline projects we deem to be too promotional. Our goal is always to benefit our communities via thought leadership, education, and networking opportunities. 

Contact us at to set up a call to discuss how we can help your company.

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