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Comparing Hybrid OTT/Pay TV Solutions on Opposite Sides of the Pond: TV Everywhere and Project Canvas

It is becoming increasingly clear that the flood gates for OTT video—that is TV and movie programming over a broadband Internet connection—have opened and are forcing traditional television service providers and movie studios to build profit tributaries off this rolling river or risk having many of their paying subscribers swept away. The industry is determined not to remake the mistakes of their brethren in the music business and is therefore trying to be proactive. The most promising of…


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Technology, Media and Telecom Outlook for 2011

Informa Telecoms & Media recently revealed the top ten anticipated trends during 2011 -- for the telecoms and media sectors -- at its annual Industry Outlook event in

London, England.

"We have identified the key trends across our research areas that we

think will shape the converging global telecoms and media markets over

the next 12 months. In addition, our annual industry survey gave us some

insight into how the…


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Can Roku Compete in an OTT World with Google and Apple devices?

There has been a lot of discussion about the impact Google and Apple's new Internet TV devices will have on the market. In short, they will certainly spread the OTT message to more people and drive competition, innovation, more content relationships, and lower prices. But how will they change the landscape for existing devices such as Roku?

Roku has done a great job combining the key features of an Over the Top video solution for the masses: low price, simple UI/remote, easy set-up,… Continue

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New Over the Top (OTT) Video Study: Trender Research Predicts 7 Percent of Households Will “Cut the Cord” on Pay TV Subscriptions by 2012

Full announcement here:

Thanks to everyone who provided data and perspectives for this report. I think you will find this the most comprehensive analysis of this fast-moving industry.

Westford, MA, — Trender Research™ Inc. (, a consumer technology market research and… Continue

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Digital Security Thought Leaders Highlight Evolving Trends in a New Report by Trender Research

Concern for identity theft and rise of social networking and mobile applications have changed view of online safety and driven the development of comprehensive security suites.

Westford, MA, — Trender Research™ Inc. (, a market research and consulting firm that combines expert analysis with the voice of everyday people, announced a new Trender Thought Leaders report for the digital security industry. The… Continue

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OTT Video Adventures Part 5: Cutting the Cable Cord on Pay TV Sports and News

While my dear sweet wife Kirsten seems to be hedging on giving up on our Pay TV service from Comcast, I am doing one last reflection on over-the-top (OTT) video content before we jump into evaluating our hardware options. My focus for this week is a pretty big one and one of the key areas of concern in switching to an Internet-based TV watching… Continue

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Healthcare Thought Leaders Predict the Impact of Technology in a New Report by Trender Research

Amidst major policy reforms, industry luminaries and a focus group of everyday people are optimistic that technology can substantially reduce costs and improve patient care.

Westford, MA, — Trender Research™ Inc. (, a market research and consulting firm that combines expert analysis with the voice of everyday people, announced a new Trender Thought Leaders report for the healthcare industry. The… Continue

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WHDI Podcast: Can WHDI Become the Video Version of WiFi?

In our latest podcast, we chat with Leslie Chard, President of WHDI, LLC. In it, we talk about WHDI’s release of the new WHDI 1.0 specification, and what this means for the industry. Click here to listen and read on for our thoughts.

For over the top video (and for that matter any home HD video/media) to truly achieve mainstream adoption, it needs to find its way to the TVs… Continue

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SXSW 2010: Free-Market for Earned Media

My big take-away from the South-by-Southwest (SXSW) Interactive festival this year was a further validation that big media companies -- traditional publishers of print content in particular -- are still searching for a way to halt their collective slide into eventual insolvency.

Surely, given their vast resources, the very best big publishers are capable of evolving their business model. At least, that's their hope for the future. But, how does an… Continue

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Social Networks, Education, and Bullying

WiredSafety Logo

New Hampshire State Representatives have sponsored a bill to update and improve the state's anti-bullying laws. According to the Portsmouth Herald’s January article this bill could make a stronger more up-to-date law that takes cyber-bullying into account.… Continue

Added by Michael Whalen on January 25, 2010 at 6:00am — No Comments

Technology Media Telecommunications (TMT) 2010 Outlook

Certainly, 2009 was full of challenges for the Technology, Media and Telecoms sector, but I remain upbeat regarding the upside market opportunities in 2010.

Why am I optimistic? The public Internet continues to be a disruptive force that's transforming and reshaping the new world order within the Global Networked Economy.

In particular, the emergence and continued development of low-cost IP Video… Continue

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Robot Dance Competition in Tokyo: Get Your Computational Groove On!

For all of you robot afficiandos, you have to check out the recent "ROBO-ONE GATE INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009" that took place in Tokyo. It really is amazing how far robots have come. I am especially impressed by some of the side-to-side moves, the ability to get up from a fall, and how well coordinated the dance moves are to the music. There is still a lot of work to do to make robots mainstream, but the technology at least seems to be… Continue

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USDA Telemedicine Grants Announced

USDA announced that 111 projects for $34.9 million in grants will to go to 35 states to increase to expand access to healthcare services in rural areas. The funding will be provided through USDA's Rural Development's Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program (DTL). The program's goal is to help expand telecommunications, educational resources, and computer networks throughout rural communities. The funds are part of USDA's annual budget.

Some of the specific funding examples… Continue

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Telemedicine Device Market to Reach $3.6 Billion According to New Study

The market for telemedicine devices and services will generate $3.6 billion in annual revenue within five years, a new study claims. The study by the Silver Spring, Md.-based research firm Pike & Fischer, says mobile-services companies, such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and… Continue

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NewTeeVee Live: Who Cares Who’s Paying the Bills?

Today is Thanksgiving in the States. And, in addition to my family and friends, I am thankful for over-the-top video in all its varieties and monikers—Internet video, streaming video on demand, online TV, hybrid OTT/Pay TV, whatever you want to call it. Simply put— it’s exciting. It is fresh. It’s creative destruction. For an old telecom/IPTV salt like me, it’s welcome news.

For many of us, today is a day when we gather around the dinner… Continue

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NewTeeVee Session Notes

Below are my stream of consciousness session notes from the NewTeeVee conference sessions, exhibits, and cocktail hour chats. I will leave it up to you to extract whatever pearls of wisdom you can find.

Xbox Live

• Marc Whitten, GM for Xbox Live, seems to really understand how important the interface is for OTT video. Most of us usually talk about the “lean forward” and “lean back” positions. Marc described those but also… Continue

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Bold or Bogus? Digi International's Move toward Smart Grid Technology

Research Analyst Bucks Naysayers

By Joyce Pellino Crane

Jay M. Meier may be out on a lonely limb, but the senior research analyst at Feltl and Company is unwavering in his enthusiasm for Digi International, Inc. (Nasdaq:DGII)

Meier is recommending Digi as… Continue

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Telco TV Stars: Orca, PeerTV, Skitter.TV

As I noted in my earlier post, it was not all doom and gloom at TelcoTV last week. There were a few bright spots, all having to do with hybrid IPTV/OTT video solutions. Here are the highlights:

Orca Gets It

Kudos to Israeli IPTV middleware company Orca Interactive… Continue

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TelcoTV: Where’s the Innovation?

As you know I spent this past week shuttling from Boston to Orlando to San Francisco. Two days at TelcoTV, then on to the one-day NewTeeVee event (and then the red-eye flight back to Boston from which I write this blog). Below are my thoughts on the TelcoTV event (I will post a summary of NewTeeVee separately).

Overall the event was OK. More or less as I expected. The show was well organized, with a good conference schedule, and a fairly… Continue

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TelcoTV Conference Session Highlights

Here are my stream of consciousness notes from the conference sessions at TelcoTV, and from walking around the show floor.


• Jim Funk, VP BD for Roku, says online video sites like Netflix make heavy use of CDNs, and encode streams from 500K up to 3.5 MBs depending on the connection that is available. For this reason he suggested that “Internet” video is somewhat of a misnomer, since a lot of effort is expended… Continue

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