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RoboBusiness Conference: Too Many Robotic Hammers Looking for a Nail?

Last week’s RoboBusiness conference in Boston was chicken soup for the geek’s soul. For the inner kid inside all of us, it showed how all that we have imagined over the past 50 years in books and movies can become a reality. Star Wars, Transformers, Terminator, it’s almost all possible now through advances in robotics technology. However, for the outer business person in us, the RoboBusiness show left you thinking: “What’s wrong? Why isn’t the… Continue

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Are Medical Devices the Best Bridge to Wide-Scale Consumer Robotics?

In my ongoing research, one of the challenges that stands out for consumer robotics is the cost/benefit of any new robotics device or application. Robotics is one of extremes. On one hand very expensive industrial and military robots enjoy success, while smaller scale consumer robots get squeezed by cost issues into toys.

Medical robots may be a way… Continue

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Robot Dance Competition in Tokyo: Get Your Computational Groove On!

For all of you robot afficiandos, you have to check out the recent "ROBO-ONE GATE INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009" that took place in Tokyo. It really is amazing how far robots have come. I am especially impressed by some of the side-to-side moves, the ability to get up from a fall, and how well coordinated the dance moves are to the music. There is still a lot of work to do to make robots mainstream, but the technology at least seems to be… Continue

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FIRST Robotics Competitions: Can (Lots of) Kids in Braces Help Foster Consumer Adoption?

There are a few ways to increase the acceptance and adoption of consumer robots. One way is to build better robots. Another way is to educate consumers about what robots can (and can’t) do for them. Another is to create a diabolical army of robots that kill off all the humans so it won’t matter. Assuming the first two methods are more practical, one might want to focus on the next-generation of consumers and business leaders. You know, those sentient… Continue

Added by Brian Mahony on July 3, 2009 at 8:00am — No Comments

Add Robots to the Long List of Warriors’ Friends

With our focus on consumer technology, we at Trender Research don’t often talk about industrial, government, or military devices (except when we jokingly daydream about flame-thrower equipped Roombas). But in honor of all veterans on this Memorial Day, we take a closer look at military robotics.

An MSNBC… Continue

Added by Brian Mahony on May 25, 2009 at 8:00am — No Comments

Battle of the CES Robots-- Part 2: WowWee, Mech RC, AnyBots, Novint

Here are some more robots for your viewing pleasure. The WowWee line up of family-friendly robots is truly amazing. Check out this short video overview. I had a chance to see the Robosapien in action too (play short video).…


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Lovable Robot--A Teaching Tool in Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Children and adults with autism spectrum disorders sometimes appear to lack human emotions—much like a robot propelled by a power source.

But for all the recent media attention and attempts to explain the burgeoning numbers of children diagnosed with the disorder, the cause of autism remains a mystery and there is no pill or… Continue

Added by Joyce Pellino Crane on May 5, 2009 at 4:00pm — No Comments

Battle of the CES Robots: iRobot's Orginal Mass-Market Roomba

Well, I finally was able to overcome a major technical glitch with my new BlackBerry Storm (sorry RIM), and was able to retrieve about half of the videos and images I took at CES. The other half were corrupted and came back with an error message: "Error Playing- the media being played is of an unsupported format" (notice the very proper sentence structure of our more civilized neighbors to the North) which is ironic since they were all taken… Continue

Added by Brian Mahony on January 13, 2009 at 2:30am — No Comments

Nightmarish-Looking iRobot Looj Turns Gutter Cleaning into a Dream

iRobot Looj

I spent the past two days at the RoboBusiness show in Boston. Robotics is an exciting growth industry, but one that has been troubled by too much cool technology and not enough solid business plans and marketing. I will be discussing some possible reasons for this in a separate post. One of the leaders in consumer robotics, and the founding sponsor of the show, iRobot stands out as one of the success stories in an… Continue

Added by Brian Mahony on April 17, 2009 at 2:30pm — No Comments

Early Adopter- or Pack Rat? Blackberry Analysis

(Note: Make sure to read my detailed BlackBerry Storm review found here)

So, I have been walking around with this big, old, fat original Blackberry for about 2 years now, much to the dismay of my co-workers and friends. Problem is, I am an early adopter, meaning I get new technology gadgets or services when they improve my life with some new capability, but I also hold on to them as long as they are… Continue

Added by Brian Mahony on November 11, 2008 at 10:00pm — No Comments

CES: Day One First Thoughts

Got into Vegas yesterday for the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show, which is really the biggest one week toy store in the world. My focus for the show is the future of whole house audio/video for an upcoming report (including next-gen HDTVs, various set-top boxes, networking, Internet devices, etc.), but I am also taking a look at the latest in telephony and mobile technologies; technologies geared towards parents/children, handicapped,… Continue

Added by Brian Mahony on January 7, 2009 at 3:30pm — No Comments

Trender Awards Winners Announced

Trender Research is pleased to announce the winners of our first annual Trender Awards. At final count, almost 100 tech products and services were submitted for consideration by Trenders or the vendors themselves. From these candidates, we compiled a short-list of finalists that were announced last week.

The Trender Awards were created to honor… Continue

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New eBook: 5 Ways to Increase Subscription Revenue Now

My company Trender Research works with a variety of consumer-facing technology clients across social media, TV, robotics, mobile, and location-based services. In the TV/Video space, we are often contracted to help define, financial model, and select vendors for new streaming video services. There is a lot of attention to the ROI model, the RFP, and product capabilities matrix, but in…


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Trender Awards Finalists Announced

Below are the finalists for the Trender Awards. The Trender Awards were created to honor gadgets and services that are not only cool, novel, and improve people's lives in some way, but also have appeal to everyday folks.


At final count we had almost 100 products or services for consideration. More than half of these products Trender Research has already covered or are from companies with which we have… Continue

Added by Brian Mahony on February 19, 2009 at 10:30am — No Comments

Trender Research’s OTT Magazine Acquires IPTV Magazine

Westford, MA, January 19, 2016 --( Trender Research Inc.’s Over-the-Top Video division announced today the acquisition of IPTV Magazine and related digital assets. Trender Research is the publisher of OTT…


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