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I purchased my first GPS about 18 months ago -- a Garmin Street Pilot 330. It changed my life. I was fairly new to my community and was forever getting lost. I spent $400 and felt it was worth every penny. Features seemed endless -- wherever I was I could find the closest ATM, Quiznos or Mobil station. The other feature I depended on was the estimated arrival time. When I was running late I would enter my destination, even if I knew how to get there, so that I could relax and slow down. The only frustration I had is that often it took a long time to find a satalite to show my location.

Sadly it was stolen from car this summer. I purchased an inexpensive one (Garmin i5) that was on clearance for $100. It is much smaller and very few features. I also don't believe that it had the same accuracy. It is better than nothing but I look at the new products out there and wish I could upgrade and get the power, ease of use and quality features I had come to rely on.

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