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My cell phone is a wonderful gadget with so much hidden potential. The truth is, though, I only know how to make calls. I don't even have phone numbers programmed into it! The good news is I have a great memory for numbers so if I've called you once chances are I can remember your number. I guess my phone is a camera too but only by chance have a snapped a shot of my kids when I've managed to hit the "take picture button". I feel as if I'm confessing some embarrassing secret but I just am not a "technically inclined user". Reading a manual is something I won't have time to do until my kids are grown (many, many, years from now) and I get nervous when I start pushing all the different options on my phone. I worry I may never get back to being able to simply dial out or answer calls. Instead, I will be lost in some crazy parallel universe where I can play space invaders while taking photos and downloading info from With all that said, it would be great if cell phones had a program that walked you through all the features. Perhaps a "garmin" like voice could come on and say, "press this to turn your phone to vibrate". Meanwhile, I'm content just to have the phone so I can make my calls and answer calls. Remember a world before we had cell phones??????? Can you believe we all survived our youth without continuous and constant communication with everyone and their Aunt Ida?

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Comment by Brian Mahony on January 18, 2008 at 4:34pm
Great post! How did we survive? Teenagers today use their phones not only to call each other, but to chat/text each other... sometimes from across the same room!

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