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One of my best purchases has been a Garmin navigation system, which we use in our recently purchased Honda Oddyssey minivan. The minivan could have come with a factory installed navigation system, which I believe would have been about $1,500. Stop right there, already I've identified the first thing I love about our was only $300, so it saved us lots of money (I believe the model we bought now sells for as low as $150). Despite this huge reduction in cost, quality or features were not sacrificed. We recently moved from Cincinatti to Chapel Hill, NC. Being in a new location, we use "Navi" on a daily basis to find nearest restarurants, targets, birthday parties, etc. All we need is an address, or we can spell the name of the place we're going. No more tiring sessions on Mapquest or Google maps before going out....and sometimes your plans change while you're out of the house, so you can adjust on the fly. Having a Shell credit card, we search for the nearest Shell while on the highway on long trips. We sometimes use it simply to get a phone number to a store before going in case we need a question answered before making the trip there. As an example, while out running errands we were thinking of going to Whole Foods to pick-up the case of baby food that we had ordered, but we were unsure if it had arrived yet. We simply punched in "Whole Foods" in the "Spell Name" feature, and it gave us the address and phone number. It's like having the internet or the physical yellow pages while in the car! The only addition I would want is voice activated commands so that you don't have to push any buttons while driving, for safety reasons. That is probably available in more expensive models, but this gets the job done for now.

Blog Title explanation: We have her set to "British English" just for fun!

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