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I'm sure almost everyone who owns a television has heard of HDTV. I am here to tell you all that if you watch television on a frequent basis and are trying to decide to get an upgrade on your television, DO IT. I recently bought my first HDTV, a new HD cable box, and a new HDMI cord to connect the cable box to the television. I watched the Super Bowl on this TV and decided I could never watch another football game on a normal TV again. The picture on my HDTV is incredible; crystal clear.
I now find myself complaining when watching television at my friends houses simply because the picture and clarity of their TV is so obsolete to mine. Once you have had perfection, you cannot go back. So, if the thought of buying a HDTV had at least crossed your mind, your should buy one.
I know, I know, the HDTV's are quite expensive, not to mention then buying the HD cable box and then the HDMI cord. But I am telling you, as a fellow television watcher, it is worth it.

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Comment by Brian on August 19, 2009 at 5:21pm
I just bought a new 52"HD television. It is beautiful! The only thing better than having a HDTV is having a bigger HDTV.
Comment by Barbara Steele on February 24, 2008 at 2:29pm
Love our new HDTV, in fact no one wants to watch the old one, especially good for senior citizens, clear perfect picture.

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