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The word Blackberry is now a part of everyday vocabulary. Even my grandmother knows not to start picking the bushes for fruit when “I can’t find my Blackberry!”. Just as this little device, small enough to fit in the back-pocket of the tightest pair of jeans, is an integral part of our speech it has also become an integral part of our lives. With phone, blue-tooth, a camera, e-mail, internet, and even GPS capabilities, when you lose your phone I think everyone has experienced that panicked feeling of the world screeching to a halt. You can no longer get in touch with your friends, find out where the nearest dry-cleaner is, remember when your hair appointment was scheduled for, and, even, can longer use your Blackberry as a pick up line, "Hey, my Blackberry has GPS watch this" (yes, i've sadly heard this one). You are quickly thrown into a never ending spiral of disconnection from the outside world. Therefore, I quickly learned what the most valuable quality even the most gadget-loaded cell phone must have- dependability.

On my first voyage back to AT&T after receiving my prized possession as a Christmas present, the sales representative looked at my mother and I as if we were children accidently wondering into the Adult books session. “You know, we do outfit the military with Blackberry phones,” he told us in a condescending tone, “the likelihood of your Blackberry malfunctioning is not very high.” He replaced my SIM card and I decided to brush off the tiny annoyance as a fluke. Well, numerous network, SIM card, and battery errors later, I’m wondering how we’ve managed to run our lives dependant on these little wonders and I’m even more curious how the soldiers who defend us are communicating. Hopefully they have enough battery power left to let us know if something’s wrong.

Even with the flaws and the flood of sleek iPhones, I still have to give credit to the BlackBerry Pearl in the style department. While still carrying some of the more executive features, the Pearl is small enough for a carrier who cares more about checking Facebook while they’re waiting in line than writing a long e-mail on a plane. Recently, I have noticed the Pearl advertised in more colors as well. Just be sure to use the lock feature or you may be calling more people than you realize!

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