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Smaller Ipod Larger Capacity Please

I have been waiting to see what the next generation of IPod will be in great angst because I think Apple is getting further and further from creating an IPod that I want. I want small IPod with large capacity. It seems like now I have to always make some sort of compromise with size versus space. I find myself always buying the smallest over the most capacity with the thought “I can just delete the songs off my iPod that I don’t like”. What a hassle. If only Apple focused instead on making a smaller IPod with more capacity instead of advancing the display like with the IPod touch than I would be a happy man. Please Mr. Jobs do me a favor and do some research on this because I can’t take scanning through my iTunes library and hand selecting the songs that I can hopefully do without on my IPod. So please Apple do me a favor and make me that IPod.

Ps. does anyone know anything about the next generation of IPod.

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