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Cell Phone Use Defines My Generation

From generation to generation there is always one thing that represents the main difference between the two generations. Cell phones have defined the difference between my parents and I. However, it isn’t just the cell phone in itself that is the difference because cell phones were in existence back when my parents were young adults. Even if it was the bag phone it was still a portable phone nonetheless. Cell phone use has really been the thick line between the culture thirty years ago and now. Someone looking to buy a cell phone in today’s world is not looking for the phone with the best reception or simplest design. The main focus is the texting, the music, the internet, the email, the way it flips, slides, turns or the other advanced features that are provided with the newest phones. Teenagers have now turned to texting as their main form of communication. 49 out of every 50 teenagers you see today are completely engulfed by the world of texting. I have to confess that I am a hypocrite when it comes to this topic because I too am a texting fiend. I hate whipping out my phone in the middle of something more than anything but once you receive a text it is almost irresistible to read and respond to it. It is like being a little kid and getting a letter in the mail for your birthday, but thirty times a day every day. However, I am proud to say that I have been able to maintain some form of manners and don’t follow suite with a lot of other teenagers that surround us who will take out their phone in the middle of a conservation, dinner, or church. That kind of behavior disgusts me but is something we all have to accept because texting has become part of today’s culture. To all of those adult readers out there who are just thinking to themselves “pfftt teenagers these days” I completely agree with you. We have allowed texting and the way we use our cell phones give meaning to that well known phrase. However, I know that some of you have allowed yourselves to be swallowed up by the texting monster as well and you just have to come to the realization that cell phone use been the major turning point from generation to generation and all of us have helped make that happen. Similar to the phonograph or television, cell phones and the way we use it has defined our generation.

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