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Are the New Gaming Systems Worth The Money?

The new gaming systems have been blowing my mind. Everything is so real! I don’t play video games that often and even though these new systems are incredible I have never thought that it would be worth the expense and I will just stick with my Madden on PS2. I dare anyone to try to convince me that it is worth spending half a grand on a new system. I have played some games on the new Xbox and I have to admit it is fun. However, I think I will just mooch of my friends’ gaming systems instead of buying my own. Could anyone convince me otherwise? What are the major benefits and advantages over the PS2? One more thing that I have been wondering and worrying about, are Playstation 2 games still being made?

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Comment by Sean Clarke on August 8, 2008 at 2:10pm
You can get a brand new XBOX 360 for the price of roughly 5-6 playstation 2 games. The graphics, gameplay, definition, and overall gameplay of the XBOX 360 blow PS 2 out of the water. Soon enough they will not even make new PS 2 games and the system will be obselete (which, in my opinion, it already is).

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