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8th Annual OTT Executive Summit Has Gone Global and Virtual

The 8th annual OTT Executive Summit ( dates are set for November 18-19 in 12, simultaneously held virtually and in cities around the world. Register now (only $49 vs. $1,495 last year) for a venue near you or sign up for a free live-streaming pass and join a global community of thousands of OTT executives discussing the biggest trends in the industry: (

New this year, OTT Executive Summit is revolutionizing its format, embracing streaming more heartily, and going truly global! This year, rather than one event in New York City, we are integrating up to 15 cities around the world into one integrated, global livestream via YouTube Live. Beginning in India and Europe (Mumbai, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, Paris, Amsterdam, London), working its way to the U.S. East Coast (Boston, New York, Atlanta, Miami), and finishing in the West (Dallas, Los Angeles, San Jose), Platinum and Gold sponsors will become hosts for a specific panel session either at their office or at a local hotel or meeting place. Beginning at least 30 minutes before going “live”, they will greet local attendees and out-of-towners interested in their specific agenda topic. We will provide the other speakers and promote this venue to both local attendees and global streamers. The panel session will then go “live” via YouTube Live and our Zoom video platform, which will be seamlessly integrated into one continuous livestream connecting the sessions from cities around the world. Some venues will also host a networking reception with their local attendees. After their session is over, venue hosts can opt to let people go or continue their “watch party” throughout the day.

Want to be a speaker? drop us a line at and include name, title, company, bio, head-shot, preferred city venue, and 1-3 speaking topics (one line per topic is OK for now).

Want to sponsor one of the 15 city venues? email us at

Draft agenda and initial speakers will be posted soon.

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