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In December, my family of four headed out on a spontaneous two week road trip from Arizona to Washington. We packed the mini-van, strapped our two young daughters in their car seats, and hit the pavement to California. We had little plans, no overnight arrangements besides the first night in L.A., and limited funds.

But what we did have was two trusty iPhones at our sides. For two weeks, we tapped buttons on our phones that helped us navigate the Pacific Coast Highway (Maps app), search for nearby hotels, (Near Me app), upload instant photos via Klick app, and looked up roadside attractions with the Wikipanion app. Restaurants were tracked down with the handy Urban Spoon app and our kids were entertained with the always useful You Tube app. The Gas Hog app helped us track our gas mileage app and we still managed to stay connected with our friends and family via the good ol' Facebook app.

Thanks to our iPhones, we sent photos to our family of the Golden Gate Bridge , our girls' bare feet on the beach, and of our van driving through a Redwood tree. We slumbered in hotel beds that were rated decent by guest reviewers and didn't break the bank. We were able to find delicious vegetarian fare at the click of a button and knew when it was time to finally ditch the Pacific Coast highway (even MORE curves up ahead!) for straighter terrain. Gridlock didn't trap us in Seattle, because the iPhone gave us up to the minute traffic reports.

The trip was entirely planned based on the incessant demands of our children and the available technology of our beloved iPhones. And while it perhaps wasn't quite as exciting as heading out on the open road without any semblance of guidance or navigation, it was exactly what our family needed.

The iPhone helped make our road trip a memorable one as well as one that fit within our budget. Now, if it just could have prevented the car accident we had on the way back.

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Comment by Leigh Steele on February 23, 2009 at 11:59pm
Brian, thanks for the comment. Yes, the apps were all free! Oh, and no - the iPhone claims no responsibility for our accident. It did, however, allow us to dial 911 immediately and get a tow truck. :)
Comment by Brian Mahony on February 12, 2009 at 9:53am
Wow Leigh, I don't think my Blackberry Storm quite measures up with all those apps, but I know that is the direction Research in Motion wants/needs to go, thanks to stiff iPhone competition. The Storm does have the ability to download apps, but Apple has done a much better job fostering an open community of thousands of app developers. Quick question: did you have to pay for any of those apps, or were they all free?

Hope your family emerged from the accident unscathed. And hope a contributing factor wasn't using the iPhone while driving... :-)

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