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An App a Day Keeps the Blackberry Away!

While I can’t yet vouch for the iPhone 3GS (sorry), I am happy to report I am more than happy with my recently outdated iPhone 3G. Usually, I tend to make consumer decisions like Simon votes on Idol. I either like it or I don’t. This time around, I pondered around the AT&T store for a good thirty minutes before my new purchase. Always connected to work, I knew I would be the perfect candidate for the newest edition of a Crackberry – complete with a leather case to keep it firmly attached to me at all times. I knew exactly what I wanted -- a device that would be fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook for easy access to my corporate e-mail account and calendar.

Whether I knew it or not, the iPhone, with its bold colors and touch screen, was always in the back of mind. Arguing back and forth with the sales associates (I don’t think they were used to pushy, professional type of audience for an iPhone) they finally convinced me I would be able to integrate my professional life with the fun perks of a trendy iPhone. Skeptical, the abilities to add limitless applications, with new applications being developed everyday (What a Developer program!), won me over. Surely, there had to be some app that would help me stay connected to my business world.

True to their word, and with the help of my IT department, I had my corporate account synced in a matter of minutes – complete with all the bonuses. You have an app for everything you could imagine -- talk about productivity! Some people complain about the small keyboard – but I haven’t had a problem and I can type faster than I could on my Blackberry touchpad – and it disappears when you don’t need it, to give you a larger screen. The autotype is slightly annoying at times, but is a feature you will find with any Smartphone. The only negative I can find: you have to attach the USB cord to sync with the Outlook calendar. I’m sure there’s a way – or an app – around it, I just haven’t found it yet!

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Comment by Tim Steele on June 20, 2009 at 9:09am
Brilliant writing but I will stay with my new Blackberry Bold! With my business orientation and need to quickly answer hundreds of emails daily you can not beat the efficiency of the BB key board. Additionally with the Bold offering dramatically improved screen resolution, an addition of a camera with the ability to record videos and route navigation through AT&T Navigator and finally GSM support for broad International coverage it remains the device of choice for a global road warrior like me. While I agree for cool new applications and the simplicity and beauty of the user interface advantage Apple IPhone; but for a global business traveler the vote is still for the trusted and reliable BB Bold.

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