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Announcing the OTT Video Executive Summit

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*** Please read below and respond/comment ***
Dear industry colleagues: 
I am pleased to announce a new executive conference that will be like no other you have attended. Of course the focus of the event is OTT video, but the format is guaranteed to make it highly strategic, educational, and lots of fun. In short, the conference will mingle industry executives, a panel of analysts/experts, and a focus group of normal everyday people representing various demographics. In addition to presentations on key industry topics, the OTT Video Executive Summit will be gamified, awarding points for good answers and for predicting how various panels will respond to strategic questions. As CEO of Trender Research and a neutral party, I will be the moderator and will be crowning one expert and one executive this year’s OTT Video “Trender Genius”. This conference is sure to be thought-provoking and a fun way to learn and exchange ideas.

Below is some more information while all the details are still being worked out (more to come, including logistics and registration process). In the meantime, please comment or email me with your interest to participate. I need speakers/panelists, and a few sponsors to defray costs would be helpful. I will be screening all participants to ensure a high caliber of executive-level decision makers, so please don’t be offended if your application is declined.

Target audience: Executives in the TV/video industry (both traditional Pay TV and pure-play OTT vendors, including services, content, and hardware).

Where: Boston-area hotel (will finalize soon)

When: Late April, just one day

Size: Capped at 100 attendees

Topics: Call for speakers/panelists (below or suggest your own topic)
• Net neutrality, we hardly knew ya?
• Economics of hybrid Pay TV/OTT video services
• The dirty little secret— HD OTA
• Cable? Cords? What's that? A 20 something’s view
• Platform device wars— TVs, consoles, STBs, tablets, mobile
• Changing consumer behavior— cord-cutting, multi-screen, interactivity, demographics
• Basic vs. premium content— who’s putting what OTT?
• Evolving content rights and DRM
• Where’s my “Matlock”?- what’s Nana watching these days?
• Integrating OTT with Social
• Content search and navigation- way beyond channel surfing
• What’s a TV channel these days? What’s a brand?

Cost: TBD, typical of a one-day conference

Sponsorships: Sponsors get a demo table, signage, and attribution in all promotions and collateral, but must send an executive to participate. Contact me for details.

The OTT Video Executive Summit: Come to learn. Come to be challenged. Come to have fun.

Brian Mahony
CEO and Chief Trender
Trender Research, Inc.

Next step: contact me with your interest and ideas. More details in the coming weeks.

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