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AT&T opens beta for its application store

AT&T just announced the launch of a beta test for it's AT&T Apps ( This beta test is designed to give developers the opportunity to let AT&T customers try out applications and then give the developer feedback. The company reached out to developers at CTIA Wireless 2009 hoping that they would take up the gauntlet and try out the store.

Unlike supplier focused application stores, such as Apples iTunes App Store, this store would support multiple handsets and smartphones coming from different suppliers.

It is not at all clear how AT&T will handle getting applications into closed devices such as Apple's iPhone and iPhone 3G. The announcement didn't offer a great deal of insight into what devices would be supported. Oh, by the way, customers must have an unlimited data plan to play.

AT&T is accepting applications from developers beginning today. Developers can go to for an overview of the program and complete list of requirements for participation.

Would you find buying applications from a service provider store better than going directly to the hardware supplier?

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