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Avoid Electric Bill Shock! Think Green, Act Smart, Save Money

Why wait for electric bill shock? As featured on NPR and Fox News, the PowerCost Monitor™ is a simple solution device to take advantage of real-time feedback on how much electricity your home is consuming in $$ and KW. This product is well designed, easy to install and simple to use by Other World Computing (OWC) Woodstock, IL.
Features include viewing peak energy costs over 24 hours, time and outside temperature display.
By reducing your electrical consumption you are also reducing greenhouse gas emission and the demand on the power grid, depending on your usage resulting in savings from 5 to 20% a month.
How does it work? The kit comes with 2 components: a sensor unit to attach to your utility meter that reads electricity consumption real-time with wireless transmit to the display unit in the house. The display unit is programmed to decode the sensor unit signal and displayed in large digital numbers that are easy to read. The rest is up to you to reduce your energy consumption. All this for $89. For further information (

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