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Bang for the Buck! CANON Power Shot SD1100 IS Digital Camera

Long overdue for a new camera, my daughter did her research to find one to meet my needs…point and shoot with sharp images. I have had several Canon cameras, but this one is, by far, in the point and shoot category is impressive. It is speedy with an optical view finder and face detection, optical image stabilization to capture the moment, wide angle lens, though it doesn’t act like a DSLR. The images are sharp with high color resolution with 10 Megapixels, and solidly built with a range of features. I like the design, blue color and pocket friendly. I found the navigation menu took come time to get used to and feel comfortable with. There is a large range of choices to optimize lighting and environments but the flash doesn’t light have manual settings to adjust for maximize low light conditions. The video recording and sound was acceptable to capture the moment. The large LCD screen is bright but smudges easily. The rechargeable battery has a long shelf life (1 week) and this particular model has enough features to satisfy the casual photographer or the die hard picture taker. An excellent point and shoot for the price. You definitely get the bang for the buck!

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