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Although my cell phone of 2+ years has always had Bluetooth capacity, I just experienced the wonders of it for the first time. I will confess that this revelation occurred in my husband's new Bluetooth equiped car. And, as long as I am being honest, I will say that he took the responsibility for getting my cell phone in sync with the car's system (but he did say that it was easily done). Off I went on my "mom errands" with the luxury of hands free phone usage. To those of you in the business world, this is a common occurance. While I see many moms on their cell phones at preschool pick-up, they are typically hand held phones. As a multitasking mom, I will confess (not with any pride) that I have at desperate times tried to drive the car, put a DVD in the DVD player and talk on the phone (resting it between my ear and shoulder)-- all at the same time. Bluetooth makes this a less risky effort. For that matter, the idea of changing a diaper, carrying a squirming toddler, sweeping my kitchen floor or emptying the dishwasher seems worlds easier if I am using a Bluetooth headset instead of trying to do the neck-phone-wedge. I think that Bluetooth marketers has missed a potentially big client base - I know of no moms currently using Bluetooth - but I hope to soon.

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