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Brick-n-Mortar Shoppers: Don't Leave Home Without Your Smartphone!

There now are location-based and entertainment smartphone applications coming online that are targeted more so for Moms and Dads who already have upgraded or may upgrade to the various brands of smartphones out there. The apps are also mostly about how Mom and Dad may spend their time outside of work, and especially in support of their time at their favorite mall. The apps are for both shopping efficiency and shopping downtime. You see, “Location-Based Advertising” may change the face of brick and mortar shopping for those who can appreciate advertising targeted at their handheld devices that provides them product, sales and in-stock information across the storefront landscape. The apps may be especially useful for those larger malls that the shopping experience is often daunting due to the ground that must be covered if your shopping style is to window shop and base your shopping pursuits on storefront browsing. The apps are not only beneficial to shoppers, but also to advertisers who are benefiting from these digital marketing concepts that can measure and reduce wasted ad impressions for their targeted shoppers. And by the way, some of these same apps can also be tied to the Digital Signage you are seeing more and more of in your mall hallways and in your favorite stores that are also smart devices and can detect your presence and recent web history on your device to guide you to the stores and products of interest to you. Where is that “Big Brother” store I can came to this mall for? It is an out-of-home behavioral targeting based application that we’re all getting more used to when we’re in-home and web surfing. Depending on whether or not you’re accepting of this type of intrusion into your life, there is both considerable upside and even entertaining aspects of this type of interaction.

Speaking of entertainment, when Dad (or Mom for that matter) grows tired of the mall exercise, they can then sit down and enjoy the casual gaming applications whose popularity on smartphones is growing. It is now estimated that over 50% of smartphone users are casual gaming with their devices. The games are becoming a favored means for relaxation and relieving the stresses of daily life. Which, by the way, brings us back to the grind of our daily work. These same smartphone users are also using games on their device during their downtimes at work and are in need of a short break. I guess we just can’t live without our smartphones whether at work or at play once we’ve crossed over. Hopefully not to the dark side.

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