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Building a Platform for Success in the OTT Video Market: How to Develop Competitive OTT Video Services Using a Cloud Solution

As the "OTT Wars" rage on, it's so important for video service providers of all types to focus on content innovation and less so on video infrastructure. With your OTT video workflow in the cloud, content will be your top priority – and you need neither cloud nor broadcast engineering expertise to make it happen.

A new e-Book by past OTT Executive Summit sponsor Amazon Web Services-Elemental makes the case that cloud-based video delivery and management platforms can help you get back to storytelling, and (sort of) forget about the infrastructure that makes it possible.

For sure, the technology infrastructure you choose influences your success in the increasingly competitive OTT video market. Cloud services offer video providers agile, scalable, and cost-conscious means to ingest, store, manage, process, and deliver OTT content.

According to this e-Book, if want to add cloud-based OTT video workflows to your repertoire, you'll need to learn the four pillars of success for economical and profitable OTT deployment: – flexibility, agility, intelligence, and global scale.

Here are my take-aways:

·   Cloud platforms help to overcome some of the biggest challenges of building an end-to-end OTT video workflow. These include managing explosive OTT growth, abundant libraries of video content, changing viewing habits, and increased complexity.

·   Half the battle is taking the guesswork out of processing, managing, and delivering video to viewers. The goal is to make it more predictable to manage your video streaming and to eliminate as many fail-points as possible.

I like this e-Book because it does a good job highlighting not only the challenges of OTT services, but also quantifies the benefits of the cloud vs. legacy infrastructures. I am also a big fan of papers that include customer studies to illustrate their points-- this one includes use-cases from Spuul and Snowball Digital-- both AWS customers.

Get your free digital copy here:

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