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CablesToGo Podcast: Simplifying Our Digital Clutter

As a follow up to our coverage of their Wireless VGA Kit , we had a chance today to record a podcast with CablesToGo in which we broadened the conversation to get an overview of their other products for the connected home. As their name suggests, CablesToGo since its founding 24 years ago has focused on all of the cables we need for our computers and home networks. But more recently the company has been trying to help with point solutions that help connect the various AV devices in the home.

While most of the major standards bodies take a more comprehensive approach, CablesToGo has been expanding its business by finding point solutions to help us simplify the digital clutter in our lives. The wireless VGA kit was one example. Another is the TruLink VGA with Audio over Cat5 Extender which transmits both VGA and 3.5 mm audio signals over a Cat5e Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable.

The reason it is important to cover these perhaps more mundane solutions to AV challenges is that we must always ask, when we evaluate cool new gadgets and services, can we solve the problem in a simpler (and perhaps cheaper) way by just using a long cable or in-room wireless device?

Hear what Gary Hess, CablesToGo Director of Product Management, has to say in our 15-minute podcast (click the Podcast interface in the right sidebar).

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