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I have put myself in a pickle. In my home there is no tv, computer, or internet usage(outside of school work) for my children until the weekends. Okay, maybe we make American Idol an exception. My two teenage boys are like all other teenage boys, game junkies, when allowed to play, after 3pm on the weekends. I purchased the Spore computer game for my 13 year old. It is perfect for a creative kid who isn't into the racing type games. I wanted to put the game on one of our non-internet computers as we supervise all internet usage. The game would not let us load it in without being connected to the internet even though it does not have to be interactive play on the internet. Now, my computer has this heavy game on it, that slows my computer down for a good fifteen minutes after closing the game and I am vying for my work time on it during their allowed play time. I can't figure out a way to load it into a non-internet connected computer. I understand the developers want the game registered, but I don't want my son on the internet and there is only so much Spore watching I can take. Any clues to this mystery or am I stuck here?

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Comment by Brian Mahony on January 14, 2009 at 11:33pm
Comment by Ellen Bonner on January 14, 2009 at 8:35pm
Gurrr... No, I was in charge of the downloading. I will say it was extremely frustrating to watch my son spend so much time trying to load this thing up on one computer to find out it didn't work. You know the look...Charlie Brown shoulders and eyes to the ground. Now my poor work horse of a computer is host to the life creations of a 13 year old boy. Hopefully, he conquers the game, his spore goes on to colonize the universe and I can have free reign of my work computer soon.
Comment by Brian Mahony on January 14, 2009 at 8:24pm
Hmmm, this one is a mystery to me. Usually registration is optional. Sounds like this game was aptly named. Sure this isn't a teenage ploy to get more Internet time? :-)

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