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My sophomores have just finished writing poetry. We even read a few poems out loud in class and then we all snapped at the end to show respect for words. But then, right as I finished reading one student poem out loud, I heard a cricket. That's right... cricket, cricket... the sound that accentuates the silence in some of the kid Disney shows dubbed in to show that the joke was not funny. The kids broke into hysterics as I looked toward the sound, but then, there it was again, from the other side of the by roaring laughter. Finally, I figured out that they had all downloaded a cricket sound to their various cell phones and decided to prank me for teacher appreciation day. It was a great joke after which they started sharing all their sounds with me, the ROCKY theme song, a lady screaming, a mooing cow, frog belches, and my favorite, the easy button saying: "that was easy!"

With this much techno fun in my classroom, we really do learn pretty easily some days!

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