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I currently live in a quiet town in Westchester County, NY in a single-family home. Having previously resided in Manhattan for close to 15 years, I live mostly in my bedroom and media room. I have varied devices in the room - LG HD TV, DVR, Wi-Fi router, Microsoft Surface book, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.  I tend to multi-task frequently so I am always using my iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or laptop while watching TV or chatting with someone. When I do host get-together's at my home, we all congregate in my dining room area where my larger Smart TV lives. Invariably, I enjoy cooking, so I am always shuffling my iPad around and launching the Optimum app, so I do not miss any LIVE scenes.

When I am home, and there is nothing on traditional TV, I launch my Netflix or Amazon Prime Video app on my Amazon Fire TV or iPad. What I really like about Netflix is the "Continuing Section, Top 10, Instant Queue, and Popular" options which open up as soon as the app is launched. It entertains me because I love that it remembers where I left off in my viewing and politely asks if I would like to continue viewing, offering a plethora of varied selections.

There has definitely been a percentage change of my streaming habits vs. traditional broadcast.  I see the percentage of streaming content increasing rapidly, as regular broadcast TV has quite a few limitations and is definitely static.  TV apps for my Amazon Fire TV and iPad are Optimum, HBO GO, Bravo Now, ABC player, MTV News, TED, SHO Social, The Daily Show, Vevo, Crackle, Netflix and  ShowYou; social apps include Viggle and Television Time; and Indian channels like ZeeTV, Zupp and Sling International keep my retired parents happy when visiting from India.  I also like performing TV show hashtag searches via Twitter and join in the conversation, following individuals from @EntertainmentWeekly, @TheWrap, and @THR. 

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