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It has become the most valued piece of technology I own. It feels like there isn't anything, except maybe put the kids to bed - that I can't use my iphone for. I depend on it for so many day-to-day needs that I can hardly remember life without it. Most of the time it is looking up information on the web, from how to remove glue from hair to what is a timber rattlesnake. Keeping projects moving forward while I am running errands or away from home has also become invaluable. I recently spent 4+ hours in a Veterinary hospital emergency waiting room – but my time was not wasted. I was able to review and respond to emails, research vacation plans, download new apps and listen to an audio book. I am a multi task junky and this tool has been a dream come true.

The cost of some of this “instant” information is not lost on me. I have less true down time and feel obligated to respond emails, because I can. I started down the slippery path of reading emails while driving and sending quick text messages. I am happy to say that I have stopped this and am working on creating boundaries on this addicting convenience. I still enjoy building fairy houses with my daughters and long, quiet walks with my dogs – but being able to look up the closest potty on a road trip, find the name of the 22nd President or learn how to meditate with a Podcast is SOoo cool.

(Some of my favorite apps: Evernote, Sit or Squat, AirMe, Shutterfly, ALLRecipes, Daily Tracker...)

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