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Early Adopter- or Pack Rat? Blackberry Analysis

(Note: Make sure to read my detailed BlackBerry Storm review found here)

So, I have been walking around with this big, old, fat original Blackberry for about 2 years now, much to the dismay of my co-workers and friends. Problem is, I am an early adopter, meaning I get new technology gadgets or services when they improve my life with some new capability, but I also hold on to them as long as they are useful. I find it hard to upgrade to the latest model unless I see greater than 50% incremental benefit. Cool new design or slightly improved features does not cut it. I had the original US Robotics Palm Pilot for years until it basically choked and died. Anyhow, it is time to look for a new generation phone. What do you think, do I go with the new iPhone or the new Blackberry? Thoughts? At some point, I would like for us to coordinate on a head-to-head comparison study.


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