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Endavo Media’s Paul D Hamm Announced as Featured Speaker at OTT Video Executive Summit

September 8, 2014. New York City. Endavo Media, a leading digital media distribution company that is reinventing consumer TV and premium over-the-top video services, announced that CEO Paul D Hamm will be a featured speaker at the Over-the-Top Video Executive Summit (, to be held at the Westin Times Square on November 11. Mr. Hamm will speak during the summit’s opening session on the current state of the OTT industry: “What is OTT, what is shaping it, and where is it going?” He will also participate in a discussion entitled:  “PayTV/OTT Consumers, Cord Cutters and Cord Nevers- what's really driving them?”  The OTT Video Executive Summit brings together thought leaders in the industry to discuss topics crucial to the development of streaming video and evolving Pay TV business models. The conference topics range from content, enabling technologies, to discussions on the evolving viewing behavior of consumers. In addition to experts and executives, the conference includes a focus group of everyday people from various demographics. The event is also gamified, with the leading point-getter being awarded the “OTT Genius” trophy.

“Our audience will benefit greatly from Paul’s experience and perspective on this dynamic industry,” said Brian Mahony, CEO of event producer Trender Research™ Inc. ( “The industry is going through a period of rapid change, and it’s innovation by companies like Endavo Media that are driving it.”

 In addition to the topics Mr. Hamm is speaking on, session titles include:

  • “Net neutrality, industry consolidation, and the emerging new OTT ecosytem”
  •  “What Button Do I Push? Low-tech Nana speaks out”
  • “What are the economics of OTT video?”
  • “The State of TV/Video Advertising”
  •  “My TV is in my pocket— a twenty-something's perspective” 
  •  “Pay TV trump cards— live sports, cable news, HBO, and other forms of exclusive content”
  • “India dreaming and streaming— connecting to content back home"”
  •  “You're gonna break the Internet with that thing! Could OTT really do that?”
  • “Socks in the DVD Player? Multi-tasking Mom and the electronic babysitter”
  •  “Mobile TV, Social TV, Streaming, and VoD:  What's the new model for content search and discovery, how do you measure your audience, and what's a TV brand today anyway?”
  • “A new vision for Univision— family, boxing, soccer, and novellas”


A focus group of everyday people from various demographics will also provide insights on their viewing habits. These include profiles such as “Chatty Tween,” “Low-Tech Nana”, “Hip-Hop Hero”, and “Too Cool for School.”

“We believe premium OTT video has finally reached a tipping point for consumers, for content and for service providers, which is very exciting for our industry,” said Mr. Hamm. “So, I look forward to sharing some of our insights and experiences during the OTT Video Executive Summit and maybe we’ll even bring home Brian’s OTT Genius trophy!”

 Endavo’s OTT Video Services Platform enables the end-to-end delivery of next-gen video services for OTT service providers and TV networks. Offered as a cloud solution-as-a-service or a fully installed and licensed system, Endavo’s platform powers content acquisition, management and programming, monetization and multi-screen distribution of live TV channels, catch-up TV, live events, and on-demand video and multimedia — all within a unified management and delivery platform. Endavo also offers both "out of the box" and fully custom user-facing website and device application design and development services to help clients deliver amazing video experiences.

The OTT Video Executive Summit is a one day event and is open to executive across the industry. For more information or media inquiries, contact Brian Mahony,, 508-479-7254.

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