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Family Friendly Technology Needs-My Two Cents

On the note of family freindly technology, I would like the following wish list:

1-The ability to read my childrens cell phone text messages and be emailed or text'd when a x rated word is used.

Accidentally, I found some poor unforunate girl's texts to my son that showed her efforts to enlighten my son on things of the sexual matter. He said she was this "nasty" girl who won't stop texting him and he ignores her. I had to send her a text asking her to leave my son alone and that I would be praying for her to make better decisions in her life.
Of course, I also found that his real girlfriend and he often text'd that they loved eachother. We had no idea our 15 year old son was so crazy about this girl. Now we are more aware about where he is in his emotional life. This helped us understand what conversations and safegaurds we should be addressing now.

2-Better safeguards on television viewing so we can lock the viewing of television we don't like, not just what some random rating system has rated as mature. Shows such as MTV anything, Girls Next Door, and more.

3-Blocks on playstation,, xbox, etc for mature games.
I won't let my kids buy or play "M rated" games, but on occassion a friend of theirs will bring a few games over and an undisclosed M game is played. Punishments follow.

4-An internet site that gives more information on Movies at the Movie Theatre
Trusting a rating system by others has proven unhelpful. PG, PG-13, PG-14, .....
I've been burned by these rating sytems and I don't understand how these ratings come about. If its PG-13, my husband or I will go see it before the kids can with friends. Most of these movies I have no desire to sit through or pay for. Wouldn't it be nice to pull up a site that gives you the real low down on sexual and voilent content?

Yes, we could try and not have to deal with all of this if we didn't own tvs, computers, cell phones, gaming systems.... but we are in the real world. Another debate is if we raised our kids correctly we would be able to trust their judgement. With in reason yes, but still we are in the real world. Our major challenge as parents is to protect our children, even if it is from themselves. We watch what they eat, what they learn at school, who they hang around with, but many parents are not watching what their children are visually, emotionally, and spiritually exposed to. This technology if left unchecked with children is as harmful to their emotional health as radiation would be to their physical health.

My two cents

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