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On a recent trip to my local Best Buy, I found myself filled with confusion while walking down the Blu-ray aisle. I could not figure out how someone could justify switching from Blu-ray to DVD. With most Blu-ray players costing somewhere between $200 and $500 (some as high as $5000) and Blu-ray movies costing between $30 and $40, the cost of starting a Blu-ray collection could be very high. Even on sale, Blu-ray movies are about $10 more expensive than their DVD counterparts.

Lets say my meager movie collection (which happens to consist mainly of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Rush Hour 2, and the complete Battlestar Galactica series) needs to be bolstered for the summer. I decide on 4 movies, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Tropic Thunder, and Sex and the City (for the ladies). I go over to and select my movies. On Blue-ray, all 4 of these movies are sale and have free shipping. My total cost is $107.96. The DVD versions of these movies, none of which are tagged as on sale by Best Buy, come to a total of $69.96. That is a staggering difference for only adding 4 movies to a collection.

Yes, Blu-ray boasts a better picture and sound quality, but is the difference significant enough to outweigh the coasts of Blu-ray technology? I would have to say, even if we were in a booming economy, no.

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