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Final speaker line-up for OTT Executive Summit

Here's the final speaker lineup for OTT Executive Summit (, next week Nov 17-19, virtual and global). Yup, that's right, you're looking at 130 leaders in media & entertainment across OTT and Pay TV and everything in between. We've curated 37 informative sessions ranging from monetization, UX, sports, codecs, ad-tech, storytelling, piracy, content management, devices, QoE/QoS, social video, apps, search & discovery, and viewer acquisition, among others. Throw in six keynotes from industry heavy-weights, fireside chats with 17 others, three consumer focus groups, and two virtual cocktail receptions, and what we got here is THE definitive virtual event on all things OTT. Best of all? It's FREE this year! Join us:

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