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First Batch of Speakers Announced for OTT Executive Summit

We are excited to announce our first batch of speakers for OTT Executive Summit: If you have already submitted, we are working our way through applications so we appreciate your patience as we curate this amazing expanded 3-day virtual format with over 100 speakers and on track for 1,000 attendees! Join us by registering for a free livestreaming pass today: 

If interested in sponsoring (including participating in our "Product Speedcase" demos), drop us a line at Thank you!

Also, we are thrilled to announce that the agenda ( is now drafted for OTT Executive Summit (Nov. 17-19 virtually and cities around the world). Some exciting updates:

* We've added a third day (Nov. 17th). We've received a ton of great ideas and since we are producing a hybrid virtual event, why not? There's lots to talk about.

* We are still accepting speakers. We normally get over 100 submissions for about 40 spots but this year we will consider over 200 speakers for about 120 slots. If you have already submitted please be patient as we vet speakers and assign them to the newly posted agenda.

Speaking Q&A:

Q: How do you select speakers?
A: Our audience is 90%+ executives (thus the event name), so we are looking for the most informed and qualified of speakers. We both accept submissions and actively recruit speakers who we think have an important story to tell. Moderators also needed.

Q: Do I have to "pay to play"?
A: No, there is no charge to speak and tech vendors are welcome. That being said, in the past we have prioritized various forms of content service providers who our audience is most interested in. This year we have lots of spots available. Sponsoring is welcome but not required.


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