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Getting closer to cutting the cord completely

My daughter's friend was over the other day talking about her favorite shows and my daughter had no idea what she was talking about. It was then that I realized that my kids have already cut the cord from channel surfing the major channels. For about 3 years now, the majority of our content comes from Netflix, with a bit more from Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube, or directly from, etc.

My kids have been mostly raised on documentaries and movies. My sons love "Famous Tank Battles" and documentaries of presidents, national parks, wars, science, etc. My daughter watches American Idol and Duck Dynasty on DVR.

Many people are questioning why they pay $100 a month for content they never watch. Others are turned off by the inappropriate shows and commercials on broadcast TV and cable, where even innocuous sporting events may be interrupted by commercials highlighting sex or dead bodies.

So, we installed a Mohu Leaf HD OTA antenna and it works quite well for our HDTV (which also has a Roku with Netflix and Amazon). But we also have 3 other TVs still on cable. Hmmmm... what to do?




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