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GigaTribe, the free community file sharing software, has partnered with DivX to integrate the DivX Web Player within GigaTribe for unlimited personal video streaming from a web browser while using GigaTribe on the road. The DivX video streaming feature is available immediately from GigaTribe.
No Waiting to View Your Videos-Previously, when downloading video from GigaTribe’s “Private Area,” users had to wait until the video was completely downloaded before beginning to watch it. Now with the new DivX video streaming feature, there’s no waiting, so users can view videos while they are still being transferred, even if they are not completely downloaded yet. Entire personal video libraries can be remotely accessed through the GigaTribe “Private Area” without delay and watched when traveling or away from the home or office with only the need of a web browser. “The ability to stream .avi movies was a missing feature of GigaTribe. From now on, all kinds of files are readable directly through the ‘Private Area.’ Thanks to this agreement with DivX, GigaTribe has become the perfect solution for people who want to watch their movies anywhere, anytime. At your desk, while traveling, or simply at your computer, it’s now even faster to play your movies with the DivX webplayer,” said Alexis Leseigneur, Gigatribe CTO. The DivX video streaming feature is available immediately with the purchase of the GigaTribe Ultimate version, priced at only $4.99/month or $29.95 a year. Basic GigaTribe is available for free, with the “Ultimate” version offering more features. See for more information.
For more information:
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