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How AI can help your video content be stickier-- and your bottom line fatter.

Next week, I'll be moderating a webinar on the topic of "show-verload". What is show-verload you might ask? Well simply, it's content overload due to the overwhelming volume and variety of TV/video options consumers have. It's not only a problem for consumers, it's also a problem for any type of video service provider who is trying to optimize the ROI of their growing content libraries and supporting advertising libraries.

The next question you might ask is what to do about it? One way to attack the problem is through better data-- specifically AI-empowered metadata. This metadata can then be used to enrich your content management systems (CMS). As with anything in life, to make an experience more relevant for a consumer you need to better understand the context. In the case of video, that context is all about what is being watched, and how that might align with the consumer's profile and past viewing habits. Sure, you can hire a huge team to tag your content every which way to Sunday to include contextual metadata about genres, actors, themes, things happening in the scene, etc. but this is very costly and time-consuming. What if AI can do all that for you?

This is what companies such as Dive.TV are doing. Partnered with leading CMS providers such as SeaChange, you now have an excellent way to enrich the CMS with AI-derived metadata without a lot of heavy lifting.

This is the theme we will explore in the webinar next week. I'll be joined by experts from Dive.TV (co-founder Sharique Husain) and SeaChange (Sr. Director of Product Frank He). To get the content programmers perspective, I've asked industry guru and former Scripps Networks Interactive SVP Michael Smith to weigh in with his wish list of requirements.

The webinar is next Wednesday at noon EST (9 AM West Coast; 5 PM in London). I hope you can join us. Register here:

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