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I am not in digital marketing. I am not a software engineer. I am not in telecommunications. I am a stay-at-home mom of two children. My days are filled with making lunches, bus schedules, driving to soccer practices and PTO meetings. So when posed the question, “How do you OTT?” my short answer is, I don’t.

Unsure exactly what OTT content is, I naturally Googled it. What I discovered was an entirely new way to view television, listen to music or watch a movie. As a traditional cable subscriber, my television and movie viewing is just that, traditional. After completing a bit of research on OTT, I decided to turn on my Apple TV (which we’ve had for several years). My knowledge and use of Apple TV is limited to streaming my iTunes playlists from my desktop to my stereo system. I was oblivious as to what was right in front of me.

We have Apple TV because my husband is an early adopter of technology. We had a first generation Wii system, first generation Blu-Ray player, and a plasma television before it became mainstream. I am not an early adopter. Leary of new technology (I had a flip phone longer than most), I wait to see if something will catch on before jumping onto the bandwagon. The same is true for OTT content. Concerned about streaming issues and slow bandwidth, I opt to watch shows and movies via traditional cable.

However; as I begin to delve deeper into my Apple TV system, I start to realize the wealth of television, movie and music options available to me. Who knew I could watch reruns of Knight Rider for free. Or catch up on the latest Days of Our Lives when a breaking news story interrupted my recording on traditional cable. Or watch ski racing when I missed it live.

It is the beginning of my OTT content journey. I am overwhelmed and excited by the options that lay before me. Will we get rid of traditional cable? No, not in the foreseeable future; but I just might be turning on my Apple TV for more than just music.

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