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As time evolves, so does the functionality of certain objects. The television started out simply to enable us to watch programs, but has evolved to being able to use the Internet and play video games, among other things. Gaming systems were plain and simple, but now have evolved into allowing us to watch movies, stream the Internet, download photos, and download apps. The device that has gone through the most change, however, is the mobile phone. It started out as basic as can be, just for communication. But as technology became more advanced, so did the capability of the phone. It transformed from being able to text, to playing games, to using the Internet, to playing music and to downloading apps. This evolution created what we now know as the smartphone, which is basically a handheld computer in your pocket. And with this new technology has come just another way watching media has been altered.

While I agree that it is much more comfortable to sit down and watch programs on a nice big couch, mobile television has an enormous advantage over that. You can watch TV from virtually any location (depending on if you have a strong connection of course). I’ve run into this problem many times, when either my mom or dad or brother is watching a program on Netflix on the TV, and is not in the mood to share. I simply open up the app on my iPhone 5, lay on my bed, and comfortably watch my program. I honestly prefer watching programs on my phone simply because it offers a lot more freedom than the TV does. My generation has taken advantage of this, as nearly everyone has an iPhone and is able to stream media through either iTunes, YouTube, or Netflix. In fact, YouTube and Netflix apps are within the top 30 of downloaded apps in the App Store. Devices are being created that enable watching media on your phone to be more comfortable, from stands that hold up your device at angle to screen magnifiers.

I use YouTube heavily, either to watch small videos, trailers, etc. Friends send YouTube links back and forth, eliminating the difficult times of having to email a link or try and find it when friends were finally together. Media today has transformed into being more readily available to us, to the point where we have hours of entertainment stored away in our pockets.

To illustrate this point, let me share with you a recent experience with my friends. All of my friends and I were hanging out, playing video games and such. We got bored rather quickly and so decided to go on YouTube to watch funny videos. Now we all have smartphones, but it is extremely difficult for 7 guys to gather around a small phone screen. But once again, technology was there to save us. Thanks to Samsung’s Smart TV, we were able to connect the YouTube app to the TV, enabling us to use our phone as a sort of remote and watch all the videos on a bigger screen. The simplicity of using the phone combined with the large screen created a viewing experience that was enjoyable and long lasting. The iPhone can be much easier to handle, because trying to access the Internet through the TV can be difficult. But thanks to the connectivity between the mobile phone and the TV, it allowed us to expand our viewing and entertainment capabilities.

Media today has transformed to the point where at home, on the go, wherever. We are able to access unlimited entertainment at our convenience. 

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