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How to handle the next wave of OTT- everything online.

What happens when all video entertainment moves online? Can the Internet handle it? Will consumers tolerate it?

It seems every week there is a new report about the rapid rise of OTT. Cord-cutting is accelerating. Pay TV subs are declining. More video is consumed online now than through traditional methods. Most homes have 2 or 3 OTT apps/devices. Through it all, OTT seems to have withstood every major test with (relatively) flying colors: the Olympics, the World Cup, the NBA Finals. From a consumer point of view, OTT is a legitimate alternative (or additional) service to cable TV.

But what happens when we complete the transition to the next wave of OTT, when virtually all video content moves online? Can the Internet handle it? Will it break? Will service providers who have invested billions in upgrading their networks get any benefit out of it?

These are all very important questions.

Bravely, these are the questions a new white paper ( from Ericsson Unified Delivery Network (UDN) attempts to answer-- what is the right strategy for the next wave of OTT -- when almost all media and entertainment content moves online?

Ericsson UDN, Platinum sponsor of last week's OTT Executive Summit, is not afraid to make some "edgy" assertions explaining the advantages of a global edge CDN collaborative. In this white paper, Ericsson makes a strong case for a revolutionary, but collaborative, approach to content delivery-- one focused on the network edge and service provider and content partnerships to create a massive, robust, low-latency, global network with QoE and partner incentives baked in.

In this comprehensive examination of the digital landscape, Ericsson UDN looks closely at the challenges that both operators and content providers face in the OTT world:

• How can operators deliver on consumer expectations to achieve low latency?

• How can content providers effectively achieve global reach given infrastructure constraints? 

• Beyond content delivery, what does the promise of the edge hold in store for other applications?

If you want to know what UDN does and the value they bring to the OTT industry, this informative white paper will help:

As more and more video content moves online, bold initiatives such as UDN will be necessary to meet the demands of the next wave of OTT-- everything online.

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