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If OTT content is King, how do you protect your throne?

I've been doing some research lately on the role of content in the fast-evolving over-the-top video (OTT) world, and enjoyed a sponsored white paper that came across my desk: Neustar's "Managing OTT Content Distribution in the Connected World."

Content is king; there’s no way around it. But in today’s era where a post, video, movie or other digital asset can instantly go viral and get shared around the world, how can you set effective perimeters to guard your content?

It's become clear that content is the currency in the TV/OTT wars that are upon us. Simply negotiating distribution rights just doesn't cut it anymore to build a sustainable OTT business model. That's why you see multi-billion dollar investments by the likes of Netflix and Amazon into producing or acquiring original content. As a result, the stakes for protecting and efficiently distributing that content are even higher.

The white paper makes a few interesting points.

First is that since digital media is an integral part of today’s online experience, you need to know who, when, where and how users are accessing that content. As a digital media distributor, you are responsible for complying with guidelines or contractual requirements that govern the consumption of that media.

Neustar recommends several best practices when it comes to an effective content distribution strategy:

* Using intelligence data to give you the insights you need to set effective parameters for managing your OTT content distribution

* Including IP data fields that help you spot suspicious connections

* Knowing how and when to leverage IP data in the content delivery process

* Always knowing who’s accessing your digital content no matter where and when it appears

* Assuming your content will be distributed via a global and mobile market, and creating a proactive content protection strategy to suit

It goes without saying that as a digital media distributor, you own your OTT content distribution strategy. Sharing the right content with the right customers from the correct geo-locations is paramount. This white paper helps to show you how.

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