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Apple’s iPod Touch version 3.1 update adds a feature that parents have been clamoring for--content filtering. It is now possible to filter content based on a predetermined setting. Prior releases allowed disabling applications such as YouTube or Safari and the icons would disappear from the screen. This release has a more refined approach to parental controls. It is now possible to filter based on the rating of the content. For example, movies can be limited to G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, or no restriction. Setting movie restrictions to PG-13 will prevent R and NC-17 rated movies from being played. There are individual settings for music/podcasts, movies, television shows, and applications. To see the new settings select the Settings Icon, General, and Restrictions. With the 3.1 release you will notice a new section underneath the Allow section called Allowed Content. The release is available for download now at a cost of $4.95.

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