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Learn How to Build a Hybrid Pay TV/OTT Service and Meet Trender Research at IP&TV Forum North America

Brian Mahony and Patti Reali from Trender Research will be at the IP&TV Forum North America, July 21-22, in New York City at the Millennium Broadway Hotel. The focus of the show is "New Partnerships, Services and Business Models to Monetize IP Television Investment". The conference is a highly interactive, intensive, two day networking conference, featuring quality case-study led presentations from carriers, service providers, & content owners.

Brian will be hosting an analyst breakfast panel:

How to Build a Hybrid Pay TV/OTT Service

There is much debate about the threat of Over the Top (OTT) video to Pay TV business models, but there is also the potential to build a hybrid model. Initiatives like Comcast's Fancast Internet TV portal and the recent deal by Sky and Microsoft to leverage Xbox as a hybrid OTT/Pay TV set top box, show that there may be room to build solutions that leverage the best of both worlds. In this breakfast panel, we will discuss what it will take to build hybrid solutions that are both attractive to consumers and sustain business viability. Considerations will include a discussion of changing consumer behavior, content walled gardens versus open video browsers, changing user interfaces and remote controls, subscription and authentication models, interactive advertising, hardware platforms, and home networking options for bridging the gap between the Internet and the home's TVs. A snapshot of current OTT models will be provided, including the various OTT set-top box platforms and Widgets-enabled TVs.

Other speakers include:
Jeff Weber - Director of Video Products, AT&T; Solomon Saul - Executive Director, Digiquest; Thomas Lemaire - Senior Director, Business Development, Orange; Richard N. Yelen - VP & Managing Director, NeuLion & KyLinTV; Lisa Pickelsimer - Executive Director, Video Product Development, Cox Communications; Madeleine Forrer - VP Video Services, National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative; Joseph Ambeault - Director, Product Development and Management, Video Services, Verizon; Avner Ronen - CEO & Co-Founder, boxee; Bill DeMuth - Senior VP & CTO, SureWest Communications; Mark Sue - Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets; Brian Mahony - CEO, Trender Research; Steve Sklar - Director, Video Product Management, Qwest Communications; Terry Denson - VP, Content Strategy and Acquisition, Verizon; Peter Bryant - EVP Business Development, Avail Media; N.L. Goodman - Executive Vice President, Finally! TV

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