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Move over, Android is moving in to your home

What’s an Android? Android™ is an operating system for home automation, developed by Google, a complete set of software for mobile devices, middleware and key mobile applications that will be on the shelf by year end.. Look for wireless web-connected devices operating on your home network that will to act as a home control center for locking the doors, turn on the lights, lifting the shades and control the temperature. New remotes devices will work on a tablet to control your media to adjust the sound, program your DVR, surf the web and browse TV listings for your favorite programs. Cordless Android smart phones, like those being developed by Vodaphone, T-Mobile and others, will run on wireless network with VoIP access for online data retrieval. Device maker, Touch Revolution who put the desk phone on a touch-sensitive screen to access your contacts, calendars and email is developing on Android technology a variety of sizes and shapes for the consumer market. Touch Revolution’s NIMble phone will be available in September for $300. The expected growth of Android is a 900% increase this year based on Smartphone sales alone. To be continued, as this technology is being adopted by other manufacturers for other devices and moving into your home.

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