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New White Paper: 3 Business Considerations for Deploying a New OTT Service

The last white paper I recommended was a nice technical dive on how to approach evolving HTML5 requirements. This next one takes more of a business view of some of the challenges and opportunities of OTT: "Three Keys to OTT Guide" authored by SeaChange: (note that there is a library of white papers at this link worth checking out) 

It's only 4 pages but I found it very insightful about the trade-offs many of my clients have to make when they are deciding how to launch a new OTT service, or port existing broadcast content to a multi-platform experience. For one, I agree with the white paper's recommendation to match your content portfolio to the proper business model. Are you looking for broad appeal via a low price or can your premium content justify a higher price? Does it make more sense to launch an ad-supported or subscription based service, or a hybrid approach? 

The white paper also presents a holistic "content cycle" that helps to compartmentalize the architecture decisions you need to make across 1) Content delivery; 2) Content Measurement; 3) Reporting & Analytics. I hope they don't mind if I borrow this framework-- with attribution of course :-) 

Ultimately, the key in a successful OTT deployment is understanding not only how to build it, but how to align your content, partner ecosystem, and business model. 

Definitely worth the 10 minutes it took me to digest it.

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