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New White Paper: Without a Good Quality of Experience; OTT Content Doesn't Measure Up

If OTT Content Is King, Is Quality Its Queen? 

That’s one of the questions asked in an informative white paper by OTT Executive Summit ( June 15th at the Marriott Marquis, NYC) sponsor Limelight Networks. I like this white paper because, besides attacking the obvious problem of video quality of experience, it looks holistically at all the major hurdles to the growth of the OTT market, including:

• Content availability
• Content discovery
• Global reach
• Scale
• Multi-device support
• Subscriber retention

In short, it's a nice little primer for what you should be thinking about right now. I encourage you to read it for yourself, but at the risk of stealing its thunder, here are my takeaways.

The white paper starts with some nice grounding research on consumer OTT consumption habits (i.e., devices used, hours watched, etc.) based on Limelight’s “The State of Online Video” report. It also includes a sidebar with mini-case studies representing different OTT business models from the likes of MLBAM, OWNZONES, NeuLion, Crunchyroll, WWE, Fandor, and CuriosityStream. It uses these case studies as a kind of “do’s and don’ts” list of lessons learned.

But the meat of the white paper addresses the seven factors listed above— a sort of ingredients list for baking the perfect OTT cake. Each has a paragraph describing what is necessary to succeed. Of course, being from Limelight, the white paper saves its best insights for video QoE. Pop quiz: what frustrates OTT viewers the most— buffering or poor video quality (blurry, low resolution, etc.). Read the white paper for the answer, and also for how the responses vary by target demographic (Millennials, etc.)

Brian Mahony
CEO, Trender Research
Founder, OTT Executive Summit & Magazine

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