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Nintendo Wii - Is it any better than the traditional video game systems??

Against my better judgement (and without my knowledge) our family recently got a Nintendo Wii. It was a famiy Christmas gift from my mother-in-law...need I say more?? We have let our 4 kids have almost no video game exposure until now. They are ages 10,6,3 and 8 mths. I have always been especially worried about our boys becoming obsessed with video games because I know how addicting they can be. I also felt like once they were in the house it would be too hard to impose limits restricting when they can play.
I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised with the Wii. It isn't at all like the other video games I've seen. It is extremely engaging and fun but because you are simulating playing the sports it doesn't really feel like a video game. You are moving constantly and are completely active throughout the game. You really feel like you are playing tennis, baseball, bowling, etc. It is exhausting but lots of fun! I would recommend it to anyone who is hesitant about exposing their kids to video games. It has been easy to manage the kids time playing it and they have had no trouble turning it off when we say its time.

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Comment by Wendy Brown on January 14, 2009 at 10:06pm
We also purchased the Wii system this Christmas. I agree it has exceeded expectations in many ways. It makes video games very family friendly and more active. The downsides have been that learning a new game is challenging. It would be nice if each game included a short tutorial or game basics. My 9 year old catches on very quickly but when my 6 year and I play -- we get frustrated figuring out how to play some of the games and how the controllers work.

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