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I didn't get it at first. I was resistant, a near luddite.

I ribbed him for purchasing an iPhone as soon as it came out. The phone appeared to be superglued to his palm for a month. On occasion, I'd peer over during dinner and spy a game of poker going down. I'd grimace, he'd smile, and we'd finish our spaghetti. I sat on our couches, trying not to be embarrassed as I flipped open my mangled hot pink Motorola Razr and mashed the keys to text.

I ribbed him again for standing in line for the new 3G. That is, until the moment he slid his old iPhone into my hand. "It's yours", he said. "You'll love it".

And do I ever.

Listen, I'm a mom and occasionally "things" happen with electronics around here. So from a practicality standpoint, I love that the trendy kids at the Apple Genius Bar were nice enough to give me a shiny new iPhone (ahem - twice) when "things" went awry with it. I love the loads of user-friendly, free (did I say FREE?) apps that the iPhone offers and use the following every day: Facebook, Google, Maps, Mobile Banking, and Pandora. If something can make my life easier, I will jump on it. As a design buff, I love the smooth curves of the phone, the slick interface, and the cute features like text message "bubbles". I'm a sucker, what can I say?

I am also a birth doula, which means I support women during labor and birth. I need a phone that can give me as much access - and as quickly as possible - to information, technology, and communication. I know other phones have similar abilities but it seems that no one can beat Apple's ease of use.

I have only three wish list items that I hope Apple will add to their next iPhone update: Video, Cut and paste function, and a true keyboard. While the touch keyboard is techno-savvy, it's not intuitive enough for my liking. I prefer to actually feel keys when texting or typing, as I can do it quicker and with less mistakes

Overall, iPhone fits the bill and I truly feel like I have a mobile office in my palms. Superglued, of course.

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Comment by Brian Mahony on February 9, 2009 at 1:47pm
Leigh, cool. At some point us BlackBerry Storm users will need to do a "blog-off" with the Trender iPhone crowd. That would be a lively discussion I am sure.

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