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Ordered the Blackberry Storm today- review when I get my hands on it...

OK I did some research and I actually went ahead and bought the Blackberry Storm today (had to order from Verizon over the phone since it is on back-order until December 15.) I have been holding on to an ancient Blackberry and have been much maligned by co-workers, but as I said before, I am an early adopter but also a pack-rat, and I will hold onto a device as long as it keeps working and until an alternative can provide a step-level improvement in functionality (at least 50% better if not 100%). I think this has happened with the BB Storm, since it is an iPhone killer with a touch-screen, but also has all the phone and business email/apps one would expect from RIM (at least I hope)-- and it works on Verizon, which has the best network coverage of all the major carriers. Anyhow, I will do a full review when I get it. It only cost me $99 after $50 mail in rebate, and a $100 long-term customer discount. :-)

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Comment by Jannie Villacorta on December 11, 2008 at 10:32pm
congratulations on your new purchase! i am awaiting your review on it!

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