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Trender Research and the 50,000+ strong OTT Executive Community (including the largest OTT group on LinkedIn) are thrilled to have launched the new "OTT Executive Podcast". This weekly podcast features strategic advice and interviews with leaders of the media & entertainment industry. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or listen via your favorite podcast platform.

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OTT Executive Podcast: Season 1, Episode 1
Evan Shapiro- Media Universe Cartographer
  • Disney’s CEO revolving door amidst “peak TV”
  • Media industry “impression recession” 
  • Why Amazon overpaid for Thursday Night Football
  • Advice for creators and storytellers
  • One thing about Evan you might not know
OTT Executive Podcast: Season 1, Episode 2
Isabel Rafferty- CEO, Canela Media
  • How do you define the "Hispanic" market?
  • Programming and content curation
  • "Peak streaming" and limits to growth
  • Original content vs. licensed programming
  • One thing about Isabel you may not know
OTT Executive Podcast: Season 1, Episode 3
E.J. Klein- CEO, MolQ Entertainment
  • MolQ Films and MolQ TV launch plans
  • Growth in advertising business models
  • Role of NFTs for marketing and engagement
  • MolQ UX strategy
  • Things about E.J. you might not know
OTT Executive Podcast: Season 1, Episode 4
Adam Ware- SVP, Sinclair Broadcast Group
  • Viewer acquisition across broadcast and streaming
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) and ATSC 3.0 "Next-Gen TV"
  • Content discovery strategies
  • BBC's plans to merge broadcast and streaming
  • Adam's passion outside of work

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