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OTT Executive Summit Welcomes Mike Lucero, Ratio’s VP of Connected TV Strategy and Product as a Featured Speaker

Trender Research, producers of the OTT Executive Summit (, announced that VP of Connected TV Strategy and Product for Ratio, Mike Lucero, will be speaking at the Over-the-Top Executive Summit (, to be held at the Westin Times Square on June 17. Ratio is a leading video technology and solutions provider, with their RatioTV OTT application platform powering some of the most engaging SVOD, TVOD and AVOD apps in the market. Mike will be a featured panelist on the  “How to Build a Robust and Profitable OTT Ecosystem” panel.  

The OTT Executive Summit brings together thought leaders in the industry to discuss how OTT is changing viewing behavior and Pay-TV business models. Speakers and attendees come from across the industry representing the worlds of television and film content, broadcasting, cable and telecom, advertising, and enabling technologies.  In addition to the experts, the conference includes a “Trender Panel,” or focus group of everyday people from various demographics. The event is also gamified, with the leading point-getter being awarded the “OTT Genius” trophy.

“Mike Lucero has been a pioneer in Over-The-Top video and is one of the authoritative voices on the trends happening in the industry,” said Brian Mahony, CEO of Trender Research and Founder of the OTT Executive Summit and Magazine ( “We’re honored that he can share Ratio’s vision and perspective with our audience of senior executives.”


“OTT is clearly the buzzword of the year within the media industry, and we are excited to share our insights and approach with publishers seeking to broadly deploy the richest application experiences across the vast array of connected devices,” said Mike Lucero.  Lucero leads product strategy at Ratio for their RatioTV product, which currently powers OTT experiences for brands including Yahoo!, Red Bull Media House, Disney, WhistleSports, Daily Burn and many others. 


In addition to the topics Mike is speaking on, session titles at the OTT Exec Summit include:

  • “2015 OTT Industry Scan-- Assessment of Latest Deals, Strategies, and New OTT Services.”
  • “Millennials: A Driving Innovative Force in the Industry or Just a Phase?”
  •  “You Decide: The Top OTT Technology Trends in 2015”
  • “Monetizing Content and Advertising in a Post-Linear,  Multiscreen World”
  • “Video Distribution and Quality of Service-- Best Practices for Delivering OTT Content Across Both Managed and "Off-Net" Networks”
  • “Search and Discovery and User Experience in the Age of Disintegration”
  • “Battle of the OTT/OVP Platforms”


A focus group of everyday people from various demographics will also provide insights on their viewing habits. These include profiles such as “Chatty Tween,” “Low-Tech Nana”, “Too Cool for School”, and “Multi-Tasking Mom.”

About Ratio:

Ratio is a leading multi-screen agency that partners with global brands to create seamless experiences across all platforms. Our RatioTV video application platform provides brands with a “publish-once, play anywhere” approach to video distribution onto the wide array of popular consumer devices. We deliver multi-screen apps that provide consistent and optimized user experiences across the web, mobile, tablet, Connected TV, and the console ecosystem with RatioTV. Ratio’s specialized team combines product strategy with compelling design and deep technical expertise to deliver award-winning applications for our clients that include Disney, Crackle, Fox, Red Bull Media House, Yahoo Screen and many more. Founded in 2001, Ratio is privately held and headquartered in Seattle, WA. To learn more about Ratio, visit or follow the company on Twitter @teamratio


The OTT Executive Summit is a one day event and is open to executives across the industry. For more information or media inquiries, contact Brian Mahony,

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